Sunday, June 21, 2015

Crochet and Knit Clothes For Dolls

I haven't been in the mood to write any blog posts for a long time but I have been busy with my dolls. I've made new dioramas and lots of new doll clothes. I've even gotten a few new dolls. I'll put up posts about them at some point.  

My latest obsession is crocheting and knitting doll clothes. If you know how to crochet and/or knit it's lots of fun and much easier and quicker than making clothes for adults or children. I've made plenty of stuff for myself but making clothes for my dolls is fast and economical. 

Here are some photos. Hope you enjoy them. 

Chelsea and Courtney look so cute in their new dresses. It's a shame Mattel doesn't make any decent clothes for these dolls. 

Lauryce. That sweater was supposed to be for a Barbie or LIV doll but as you can see it came out way too big. I knitted it. 

Ashlynn and Gru are in love. Stuart the Minion approves. 

This dress and matching bag were also knitted. The dress was originally for a Bratz doll but fits Ever After High dolls as well. The pattern can be found here: Lots of knit patterns for dolls can be found on this website. 

Liv dolls. The blue sweater is knitted from a pattern for mini Christmas ornament sweaters that I found on the net. The other sweater can be found at the link above. I didn't use a pattern for the hat. 

This dress came out a little too big for Sasha so I'm going to put it on another doll. 

This sweater is supposed to be for a Bratz boy doll but I like it better on Nikki. 

I haven't made much for the Monster High dolls. They can wear most of the hats I made. 

The sweaters on Barbie and Raquelle I made by adjusting the Christmas ornament sweater pattern. The short sweater on the My Scene doll in the back
is from a pattern on

Tristan and Arizona are wearing a dress and matching top from a pattern I found on They were originally for Barbies but they came out too big so now the Moxie Teenz can wear them. 

This is J-Doll Piazza Cavalli. She's wearing a pair of shorts I crocheted. I didn't use a pattern because I couldn't find one on the internet. 

Tinkerbell and Periwinkle are my favorite new dolls. I didn't have patterns to work from for these dresses. 

China Girl desperately needed a new dress. I hate the dress she came with. It's plain and ugly and the material is terrible. I look forward to making more clothes for her. 

Hope you enjoyed my photos. Have a great summer.