Monday, April 21, 2014

Disney Animator's Collection - Rapunzel

I bought this doll from a thrift store for $1.74.  I almost didn't get her. She was naked and a complete mess. I forgot to take pictures of her before I cleaned her up.

This is a stock photo from the Disney website. 

Here's my doll after I cleaned her up and cut her hair. It was completely ratchet. Her head moves up and down and from side to side. Her ears aren't pierced. She doesn't have any jewelry. 

I even tried the boil and soak in Downy fabric softener. 

I made her a dress. I'm learning how to sew. I did this without a pattern. I was surprised it came out this good. 

She is so cute and adorable. I'm so glad I got her so cheap and brought her home. 

The sneakers are keychains. I made the tights from a pair of socks. I found the tutorial on the internet. I'll never buy doll socks or tights or leggings again. I really can't afford it anyway. 

The shoes are too big but they were only $1 a piece so I really don't care. I wouldn't know where to find shows to fit this doll anyway. 

The back of the dress didn't come out so well. Her hair hides the mess so I'm not worried about it. She isn't complaining. ;-)

Rapunzel is wearing a hat I knit and an infants sweater I got from the thrift store. I took the sweater apart, cut it to her size then sewed it back together.

I kept the hood big to accommodate her large head and long hair.

She looks so adorable. Some day I'll make her more clothes. Now that the weather is finally a little warmer and nicer, I don't feel like sewing. I especially don't feel like knitting or crocheting. 

I love these dolls. They have sweet, innocent faces and bodies like toddlers. I looked at the whole collection on the Disney website. I want them all. They're around $20 not including shipping. 

I probably won't be getting another Disney Animator's Collector doll unless I find one at a very good price. I'm not willing to spend much because I want to make clothes for them. 

I really like the large expressive eyes and long hair. I like these dolls better than the 12 inch dolls. 

I hope you liked my little Rapunzel. She was a wonderful find. 



  1. She is super cute, and the dress you made her is beautiful. Im learning how to sew as well, and I can see you are way ahead of me.
    Im a little tempted by the disney animator Pocahontas. I hope you find more of these pretty dolls.

    1. Thanks so much. Pocahontas is so cute. So is Merida. Good luck with your sewing. I've already broken 2 sewing machines. One was very expensive. It's hard to teach yourself. But I learn from my mistakes.

  2. Fabulous makeover! You really brought life back into this little one! I'm very impressed with the clothes you managed to put together.

    1. Thanks. I save so much money by making the clothes or buying from thrift stores. I also get inspired by people on the internet who make clothes for their dolls.