Saturday, April 26, 2014

Bratz Boyz

I recently got Bratz Boyz Rocks Eitan and Wintertime Collection Cameron made by MGA Entertainment. That's the same company that makes Moxie Teenz and the horrible Moxie Girls.

These dolls were on sale at ToysRUs. I want to get more boy dolls because I have so many girl dolls. 

Here Boyz Really Rock Eitan. I like his name. 

Too bad Eitan didn't come with the hat and belt chain. That would've been cool.  

He does come with a pretty cool electric guitar. His pants are faux leather. They have small holes in the knees. They aren't noticeable unless you look very closely. 

 He's wearing Cameron's watch.

Here's Wintertime Collection Cameron.  

They're feet are so big and heavy, they don't need stands to keep them upright. But they both have nice boots.

Cameron came with great accessories. Backpack, cell phone, water bottle, and gloves. I can't get the gloves on him. 

Here are the boys with Megan, wearing her wintertime outfit. She's a Bratz Catz doll. 

This is a stock photo of the Bratz Pretty 'n' Punk boys. I'm so sorry I missed out on this collection. I'm not sure when these dolls were released. These dolls look so cool. Sometimes I see one on eBay. But, of course, they always want a fortune. I always get ripped off on eBay. 

Hmm, maybe Cameron and Eitan will get punk makeovers at some point. 


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