Sunday, April 27, 2014

TaeYang Captain Hook Doll

I have never in my life been interested in a Captain Hook doll but when I saw this doll on Amazon for $29.99 plus free shipping I had to have another TaeYang doll.

He is Captain Hook from Disney's animated Peter Pan movie. I haven't seen it since I was a kid and can't remember a thing about it. This doll was released 10/2008. 

This is the photo on the back of the box. 

They are packed very well. 

That hat is huge. 

His mustache is a sticker that has to be put on. It looks stupid. I will not be putting it on him. Ever. 

His face is a strange color. It isn't the same color as the rest of his body. It's also shiny. 

His eyeliner is very nice. 

He only had plastic on his arms. It was easy to take off. Just like my Willy Wonka doll, his left leg came off at the knee. I just shoved it back on and prayed. 

This is as much as his eyes will close. I have no idea why. It looks like he's high and about to pass out. 

I thought I was going to hate this wig and have to rip it off his head the minute I saw it but I like it a lot. I'll keep it. 

There are cracks on both thighs. I hope they don't get worse. Le sigh. Might have to glue this. 

His feet and hands are a different color than the rest of his body. 

His clothes are excellent quality. These are the best made doll clothes I've come across. 

I was planning on selling his wig and clothes on eBay. I changed my mind. I really like them. 

The bottom of his shoe. 

Not fond of those eyebrows. Luckily, the hair covers most of them. 

I didn't want to pose him too much. Didn't want to break him. 

Here he is in his complete outfit. 

This is Moxie Teenz Arizona in Captain Hook's jacket. It's a perfect fit and looks great on her. 

Here's The Captain and Switchblade Willy. They're going to become great friends. They're both thugs. ;-)

I need more boy dolls so I'm glad I got these two. I'm going to have a lot of fun with them. 


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