Tuesday, May 20, 2014

GI Joe & Liv Dolls At The Beach

GI Joe is an action figure made by Hasbro, Inc. There are soldiers, pilots, firemen and more. He's been around for a very long time. I'm sure most people are familiar with him.

I found my GI Joe at the thrift store. He was $4. I got him because I need more male, articulated dolls. His articulation is great. I don't remember what I did with his dog tags. It doesn't matter to me, anyway. I didn't buy him to be a soldier. He's just another companion for my girl dolls. 

His head moves up and fine and from side to side. His wrists, fingers, elbows, knees, and ankles are articulated as well as the usual shoulders and hips. I think his head is too small for his body. 

I had to cut a slit in the back of his boots to get them off and on. 

I couldn't get the camera to focus on his hands. I really like how he can grip things and his index fingers can move. 

My brothers had a GI Joe when we were kids. He had the same articulation as a Ken doll. He had action grip and his right arm moved up and down. I used to borrow him so he could date my Barbies.

My Joe can wear Ken's pants and shoes but not his shirts which means I'm going to have to make shirts and jackets for him. I'm not looking forward to that. My sewing skills aren't that good. 

I also found this at the thrift store. It cost $2.50. I threw the white head mask (it was creepy) and the rifle away. 

This is the stuff I kept. The white boots are way too big. I guess that's an ice pick, knife, rope, canteen, boots, and white, vinyl jacket. 

Before I changed Joe out of his army fatigues for good, I took him to the beach for some fun. 

Here he is with a Liv doll, Alexis. 

Katie came along, too. She's holding her wig down because it was very windy at the beach. 

Goofing around. Joe is very strong. 

Alexis and Katie. 

Katie made it. 

Katie couldn't relax with her wig on because it was just too windy. 

Joe's hanging from a tree. 

Climbing the side of a mountain. 

Joe is a bit of a madman. He took his pants off and ran down the beach with his pick and knife. He looses it every now and then but he'll eventually settle down and put his pants back on. 

The girls make a getaway on the scooter while Joe chases them. It's a Barbie scooter I got from a thrift store. I painted over the pink with black and silver because I'm so tired of pink. I wish Mattel wouldn't make all their Barbie crap pink and purple. I didn't even like it when I was a kid. 

There are two GI Joe action figures I'd love to get someday. They are Miss Fear and Madamoiselle Marie. I saw them on Amazon. I didn't even know there were female GI Joe action figures. They're articulated and come with different outfits, wigs and accessories. They look like great fun. Right now, they're out of my price range but maybe someday. 

Right now, I'm having a lot of fun with my GI Joe. 


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  1. I had no idea they had female G.I. Joes either! Live and learn :) I'm not a fan of action figures because of their muscular bodies, but they look very fun to pose and play with. I hope you find the females, post about them if you do!