Sunday, September 29, 2013

Bratzillaz Illiana Honesty and Various Bratz Dolls

This is Bratzillaz Illiana Honesty. Bratz and Bratzillaz are made by MGA Entertainment, Inc. I prefer the Bratzillaz over Bratz. Bratzillaz are articulated and they have inset acrylic eyes. I really don't like painted on eyes. 

Illiana is one of the most beautiful dolls I've ever seen. I had to have her. It doesn't say much about her on the box like where she's from. I think she's supposed to be from India. 

Iliana's eyes are pink with glitter. They shimmer. They are so beautiful. Her brown skin tone is amazing. Her make up, eyes, earrings and clothes compliment her skin beautifully. 

There is a lot of hair on her head. Her head sometimes wobbles from side to side from the weight of her hair. But I don't care. I love her braid and will never take it out. 

She has nice henna tattoos on her hands. A nice touch. It's better than those stupid tattoos on the other Bratzillaz. (Which I sandpapered off.)

Her she is from the side. I'm not going to describe her outfit because you can see it for yourself. 

I am disappointed with her shoes. The ones she wore in the picture on the box were nicer. Those shoes don't seem match anything and they're ugly. 

She didn't come with a stand or purse. She came with a dumb hat that I threw away and an ugly, useless brush. The company was too cheap to supply a stand. 

I'm so happy I found a stunningly, beautiful doll of color (DOC). They're hard to find unless they're Barbies and I hate Barbies. Of the few I've seen in stores, most were just downright ugly. 

One company will make 6 white dolls and 2 dolls of color (if that). The white dolls will be cute. It looks like they don't even try with some of the DOCs. 

Here are my other Bratzilaz. 

Jade J'Adore, Illiana, Meygana. (I had to get Meygana out of bed for the photo shoot.) I cut all of Jade's ugly white hair off and replaced it with a dark wig. Illiana and Meygana get to keep their natural hair. 

Yasmina and Sashabella Paws with wigs and Liv bodies. 

Bratz Boutique Sasha with a Bratzillaz body and reprinted lips. (God, they were ugly.) Bratz Cats Megan and Sasha. 


Friday, September 27, 2013

Cody Simpson and Making Waves 'Jake'

Today I found these Cody Simpson dolls at ToysRUs. The singing one cost $3 and the other one was $1. 

I have no idea who Cody Simpson is. I really don't care, either.  The back of the box says he's a teen heartthrob from Australia. He looks like a pimpled faced teen with bizarre hair. 

The dolls are made by the Wish Factory Ltd. and they're ugly with molded hair and thick, articulated limbs that barely move. 

For me this was an excellent find because I needed clothes for my Liv Making Waves 'Jake' doll. I paid $4 for him at ToysRUs. His outfits cost too much money on Amazon and eBay. I'm always looking for cheap alternatives. 

Here they are side by side. The Cody Simpson doll is just hideous. He has a GI Joe doll action grip to hold a microphone. Anyway, I like Jake much better. He has 14 points of articulation. 

Liv dolls were made by Spin Master but are now discontinued. Le Sigh. 

Here's Jake wearing Cody's clothes and shoes. He looks great. Now he has a guitar, 2 outfits, 2 pairs if shoes, a jacket and 2 microphones. The sunglasses wouldn't fit so a Littlest Petshop Blythe inherited them. A great deal for $4. 


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

American Girl Outsider: Crafting Creatively: Get Your Knit Together

American Girl Outsider: Crafting Creatively: Get Your Knit Together

This is a very informative and helpful post on crocheting and knitting for dolls. I crocheted a few things for my dolls and they look hideous. Now I know why. I'd suggest that anyone new to knitting and crochet  for dolls read this before getting started.

She explains what to do and what not to do and shows you with pictures. Very helpful.


Thursday, September 19, 2013

BFC, Ink. Doll Yuko

Meet Yuko Sato by MGA Entertainment, Inc. I found her on eBay. Shes 17 inches tall. These dolls have been discontinued by the company. I don't know why. I love these dolls. I want more but right now they're being sold for outrageously inflated prices on eBay that I refuse to pay. This one was the only one that was reasonably priced. 

I took her to the beach today. She's the most beautiful doll that I own. 

She's well articulated like the Liv dolls. Those have been discontinued as well. The Moxie Teens dolls were beautiful well articulated dolls that have also been discontinued. 

Why have all the best dolls been discontinued?

I love that she looks Asian. I've bought Asian dolls from other doll lines but the Asian dolls look just like the other dolls. 

 Her hair is thick and very nice. The quality isn't bad. She has plenty of hair. 

This is the outfit she comes with. A black jacket, blouse, blue leggings, a cheap pink purse and plastic fuchsia shoes. I hate plastic shoes. 

She also came with a hard cover book.

These are my biggest dolls. Here's Yuko with my Heart 4 Heart Lauryce, left and Our Generation Sadie, right. All of them come with cheap, plain outfits and plastic shoes. Sadie is built like a linebacker and Yuko has huge gorilla paws/man hands. So she can hold things better?

Lauryce has an adorable face and the best jewelry. Yuko is beautiful, has the best book and articulation. 

Our Generation dolls have the best accessories. 

I love the BFC, Ink. dolls. Someday I'd like to get the African-American one. Well articulated dolls are my favorite dolls.These dolls aren't as well articulated as Liv dolls. 

Here are more photos of Yuko and Lauryce at the beach. We had a lot of fun. 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Our Generation Doll - Sadie

I bought this doll from Target for $18.99 on sale. Originally, they cost $22.99. Well, I always wanted an 18 inch doll and I'll never pay American Girl prices because I just cannot afford it. Besides, I don't want one that badly.

Here she is in her box. I originally wanted the African-American doll, Abrianna, but when I saw her in the store I knew I had to leave her there because she's a butt-ugly doll. Her hair looks nothing like it does on the website. Her outfit was adorable, though. 

I just got an American Girl catalog in the mail. Even the American Girl dolls of color are as ugly as sin itself. 

Sadie has a very cute, sweet looking face. She has blue eyes and a very tanned complexion. 

A few of the other Our Generation dolls had this same exact face mold with different color eyes and hair. 

Here she is outside of her box. She stands quite easily on her own. As you can see, her clothes are nothing special. There isn't anything underneath the sweater. I was disappointed about that. 

Her she is sitting down. 

From the back the skirt is kind of jacked up. It looks like something I made and my sewing sucks. 

A better view of her headband and bow. It's cute enough. Unfortunately, my cat got a hold of it and shredded it. 

This is how the back of her head looked after I got her out of the box. Her hair is long and she has plenty of it. I've heard it's nowhere near the quality of the American Girl dolls. It gets matted and tangled in no time. I have to keep it braided at all times just to keep it from turning into a rats nest. 

I bought her a pack of 3 pairs of eyeglasses and 1 pair of sunglasses. 4 pairs in the box for $6.99. 

They are adorable. When I went back to Target to get more accessories they were completely sold out. Probably girls who have AG dolls are buying the accessories for their dolls. 

Here's Sadie and Heart for Heart Girl, Lauryce. Sadie has on a babies shirt that I got from a thrift store and converted into a nightgown. Her eyes close when she lays down. 

Lauryce is prettier and has a more realistic looking face. 

The Our Generation dolls are a great and affordable alternative to American Girl dolls. I like their accessories and I want to get more. I don't think I'll be getting the car, horse, bed, camper or bike. Those things are just too big for my small apartment. 

Here she is wearing a hat, leggings and a T-shirt that I made for her. I had a lot of fun. 


Saturday, September 14, 2013

Heart for Heart Girls Doll - Lauryce

Today I went to Target to purchase this doll. I'd read a couple of pretty good reviews on doll blogs and the dolls are really cute, so I got one. 

I'm writing my own review because I'm disappointed with this doll. It cost $24.99 plus tax. I think that is much too expensive for this doll. A very small amount of that goes to some charity. But still, I don't know why this doll costs so much. 

She's 14 inches tall and very slim. It's a small doll with no exceptional articulation.

She comes with cute earrings, bracelets, a worthless comb that might be good for an infants hair, beautiful eyes, a sweet face, and a booklet. Her dress is cute, her shoes are plastic and it was nice of them to mercifully give the poor doll a pair of panties. 

The booklet is well made with an interesting story with color photos, something about New Orleans, Katrina, Haiti, Creole and a rabbit. Maybe most of the money goes towards making the booklets.  

The dolls look completely different than the Playmates Toys, Inc.'s stock photos so its best to see these dolls in person. 

One of the major disappointments for me was how thinly rooted her hair is. The company that makes these dolls, Playmates Toys, totally skimped on the hair. This doll will be wearing lots of hats and scarves. To me that is the worst sin for a doll company to do. 

As you can see, her hair is long. It's thin but appears to be thicker because its crimped and wavy. I love textured hair. 

I wanted the doll that comes from Ethiopia but I've never seen her at my local Target. Ever. As a matter of fact, these dolls are usually sold out at my Target. 

These are her shoes. They're actually a much lighter rose color in person. They're bland, cheap and boring. 

I got Lauryce because she's very sweet and pretty. Her hair is a beautiful color and texture. I think she's biracial. You know, the Chanel of dolls? I do like her jewelry. I might get her an outfit on Amazon (I didn't see any at Target), or I might learn how to sew and make her something cute. 

I'm not buying anymore Heart for Heart Girls dolls. Not for this kind of money. It's a great concept but I can't justify the cost. I'd rather have an 18 inch BFC, Ink doll. These dolls cost more than Our Generation dolls and you get less. 

I could also see a young girl ripping this doll to shreds and snatching her completely bald with that comb.