Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Evanora - Oz: Great and Powerful Movie

I saw this movie. Didn't really think much of it. The only character I liked was China Girl. I got the 12" China Girl doll from ToysRUs.

I got this Evanora doll from the thrift store. This is the one that's sold at ToysRUs. Made by a company called Jakks Pacific. I heard that the Oz dolls from the Disney Store were better quality. 

She is very beautiful. Her red hair is gorgeous. She doesn't look anything like the actor in the movie but she's still beautiful. 

Her dress is elegant. She's missing her necklace and some kind if feather thing that was in her hair. I don't care about either of those things. 

Her hair had loads of gel in it and was very crunchy. I washed it all out. Now her hair is so soft. 

The dress looks a little jacked up from the back. 

She doesn't have much articulation. Her elbows bend but that's about it besides the usual. Her head moves up and down and from side to side. 

She can still be very dramatic, though. 

She looks like a movie star from Old Hollywood. 

Without her dress she looks like a superhero. That black garment is painted on. It looks very sexy. 

Her legs don't bend at all. No clicky knees like a Barbie doll. If she sits down her legs stick straight out. Not sexy. 

I might swap her body with a Liv doll just to give her more movement. Then I'd have to paint that bodysuit on because I really like that look. 

I'm glad to add her to my collection. Just wish her knees could bend. 


Sunday, April 27, 2014

TaeYang Captain Hook Doll

I have never in my life been interested in a Captain Hook doll but when I saw this doll on Amazon for $29.99 plus free shipping I had to have another TaeYang doll.

He is Captain Hook from Disney's animated Peter Pan movie. I haven't seen it since I was a kid and can't remember a thing about it. This doll was released 10/2008. 

This is the photo on the back of the box. 

They are packed very well. 

That hat is huge. 

His mustache is a sticker that has to be put on. It looks stupid. I will not be putting it on him. Ever. 

His face is a strange color. It isn't the same color as the rest of his body. It's also shiny. 

His eyeliner is very nice. 

He only had plastic on his arms. It was easy to take off. Just like my Willy Wonka doll, his left leg came off at the knee. I just shoved it back on and prayed. 

This is as much as his eyes will close. I have no idea why. It looks like he's high and about to pass out. 

I thought I was going to hate this wig and have to rip it off his head the minute I saw it but I like it a lot. I'll keep it. 

There are cracks on both thighs. I hope they don't get worse. Le sigh. Might have to glue this. 

His feet and hands are a different color than the rest of his body. 

His clothes are excellent quality. These are the best made doll clothes I've come across. 

I was planning on selling his wig and clothes on eBay. I changed my mind. I really like them. 

The bottom of his shoe. 

Not fond of those eyebrows. Luckily, the hair covers most of them. 

I didn't want to pose him too much. Didn't want to break him. 

Here he is in his complete outfit. 

This is Moxie Teenz Arizona in Captain Hook's jacket. It's a perfect fit and looks great on her. 

Here's The Captain and Switchblade Willy. They're going to become great friends. They're both thugs. ;-)

I need more boy dolls so I'm glad I got these two. I'm going to have a lot of fun with them. 


TaeYang Willy Wonka Doll

I'm so excited. I finally found a TaeYang doll that I can afford. I finally get to see what the big deal is.

This doll is $34 on Amazon right now. Free shipping if you have Amazon Prime. They're made by Groove, Inc. The same company that makes Pullip, Isul, Dal, and Byal dolls. Taeyang is Pullip's boyfriend.  

Of course, they cost a great deal more on stupid eBay and the shipping is outrageous. 

This one is Willy Wonka from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The movie starring Johnny Depp. He was released 2/2012. TaeYang's are 14 inches tall. They can wear Ken clothes. I was very excited to hear that. I won't have to spend a lot of money on clothes. And Ken's clothes are easy to find. I don't think they can wear Ken's shoes. 

Lots of writing in Chinese. 

Here he is out of his box without his shoes on. He came with socks. I was impressed. I wasn't too impressed with the wig. It's a little coarse and some kind of wonkyness is happening on the left side. 

There are levers in the back of his head that control his eyes. I didn't take photos of them. You can make him blink an eye, close both eyes or look from side to side.

These dolls can also be taken apart to be customized. I won't be doing any that because I don't know how and I'm sure I'll completely ruin him. Then I'll a baby.  

Here are all of his accessories. Just like in the movie. This is pretty good for $34. This doll is a great deal.

I'm not too crazy about the hat. But I am glad that he came with one. His shoes are just plastic. I thought they would have laces but they don't. 

I couldn't get his gloves on. I didn't want to break his hands so I just gave up trying to get them on. 

His clothes are very good quality. 

The coat is especially well made and lined. 

I thought this chain was a nice touch. 

He was covered in plastic underneath his clothes. It's a pain to get off the doll without breaking anything. I read on the internet about people who broke hands or feet just removing the doll from the box. Apparently, they're very fragile so I was terrified of breaking him before I even got a chance to enjoy owning him. 

I was very gentle and took my time removing the plastic. His left leg came off at the knee anyway. Before I threw myself into the ocean (I live right by the ocean) I just shoved it back in. So far it's still hanging in there. 

Here he is without the plastic and his left leg back on. I couldn't get his waist or torso joints to move. I didn't want to force it and break him. All of his other joints moved just fine. 

He's held together by unsightly looking screws. They could of at least thrown a pair of underwear on the doll. A pair of boxers would've been nice. The articulation, eye mechanisms and clothes are what I like the most about these dolls. 

He can even touch his face. None of my other dolls can do that. 

I didn't feel comfortable posing this doll at all. I was so afraid I was going to break something. Which is a shame because I got him so I could dress him in different clothes, take him places and take lots of pictures. 

If anything breaks, I'm going to rip my Liv doll Jake's head off and replace it with Willy's. Jake is real ugly anyway. 

I'd like to get a Pullip doll's head and put it on a Liv doll's body. I haven't found anywhere that sells just the head with a wig for cheap. 

Here he is with TaeYang Captain Hook and Illiana Honesty Bratzillaz with a Liv Alexis body. Bratzillaz have big heads but her head looks tiny next to the TaeYang's head. 

I'm so happy they didn't give TaeYang the Chiclet teeth that Johnny Depp sports in the movie. They looked ridiculous. 

I saw Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory when I was a kid. It's a classic. I still love it. I also like the remake with Johnny Depp. I've seen it several times. Depp was great, as usual.

Before I got him, I wasn't too sure how I felt about this doll. For a minute, I felt sorry for myself because I couldn't afford one of the steampunk dolls. Now that I have him, I like him a lot. I'm very happy with him. His accessories are great and well made. So are his clothes. I love the jacket. It's so hard to find well made, lined jackets for my dolls. 

His wig isn't as bad as I thought it would be. I finally got around to cutting it even all over. It looks much better, of course. 

With the goggles he looks kind of steampunk to me. 

He's a great addition to my collection. I'm glad I found him. 


Saturday, April 26, 2014

Madame Alexander 18 Inch Doll -Edit

Thanks to and, I found out she is Jill from the Walmart line of "My Life As An Outdoorsy Girl' line of dolls that sold for around $27.97. 

I got this doll at my local thrift store for $5.99. She didn't have any clothes on. Her legs are jacked up and don't bend very well. Maybe someday I'll take her to a doll hospital. Or maybe I'll sell her on eBay.

I don't know which doll this is. I also don't know if she's one of the $59.99 dolls or the much cheaper Walmart dolls. 

Here she is with Our Generation Sadie made by Battat. You can see her cockeyed legs in this photo. Her chest is vinyl while the rest of her torso is cloth. She also doesn't have shoulders like a football player like Our Generation and American Girl dolls. 

I like the body and face on the Madame Alexander doll much better. 

They're both 18 inches. Their eyes close when you lay them down. 

Her hair was in pretty good condition. It's very soft but not as thick as Sadie's. 

These are a pair of American Girl doll boots I got from the thrift store. It says "Sophia's Heritage Collection" inside one of them. They look brand new. They were spotless. Not one mark on them. 

Here they are wearing American Girl dresses that also came from the thrift store. I think they look very pretty. 

I'll never pay full price for anything that AG makes. EVER. 

I like the Madame Alexander doll much better. I won't be purchasing another OG doll unless, of course, I find another one at the thrift store. 

OG has the best prices for clothes and accessories for 18 inch dolls so I will buy those. But their dolls are strange looking. Perhaps Sadie would look better is her eyes and lips were changed to a better color and her eyes had a bit more definition. 

Maybe one day I'll get around to doing that to see if it makes a difference. Right now, I just can't be bothered. 

For now, the girls can keep each other company. At least I have someone to wear the beautiful new dresses I got and boots I got.