Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Our Generation Doll - Sadie

I bought this doll from Target for $18.99 on sale. Originally, they cost $22.99. Well, I always wanted an 18 inch doll and I'll never pay American Girl prices because I just cannot afford it. Besides, I don't want one that badly.

Here she is in her box. I originally wanted the African-American doll, Abrianna, but when I saw her in the store I knew I had to leave her there because she's a butt-ugly doll. Her hair looks nothing like it does on the website. Her outfit was adorable, though. 

I just got an American Girl catalog in the mail. Even the American Girl dolls of color are as ugly as sin itself. 

Sadie has a very cute, sweet looking face. She has blue eyes and a very tanned complexion. 

A few of the other Our Generation dolls had this same exact face mold with different color eyes and hair. 

Here she is outside of her box. She stands quite easily on her own. As you can see, her clothes are nothing special. There isn't anything underneath the sweater. I was disappointed about that. 

Her she is sitting down. 

From the back the skirt is kind of jacked up. It looks like something I made and my sewing sucks. 

A better view of her headband and bow. It's cute enough. Unfortunately, my cat got a hold of it and shredded it. 

This is how the back of her head looked after I got her out of the box. Her hair is long and she has plenty of it. I've heard it's nowhere near the quality of the American Girl dolls. It gets matted and tangled in no time. I have to keep it braided at all times just to keep it from turning into a rats nest. 

I bought her a pack of 3 pairs of eyeglasses and 1 pair of sunglasses. 4 pairs in the box for $6.99. 

They are adorable. When I went back to Target to get more accessories they were completely sold out. Probably girls who have AG dolls are buying the accessories for their dolls. 

Here's Sadie and Heart for Heart Girl, Lauryce. Sadie has on a babies shirt that I got from a thrift store and converted into a nightgown. Her eyes close when she lays down. 

Lauryce is prettier and has a more realistic looking face. 

The Our Generation dolls are a great and affordable alternative to American Girl dolls. I like their accessories and I want to get more. I don't think I'll be getting the car, horse, bed, camper or bike. Those things are just too big for my small apartment. 

Here she is wearing a hat, leggings and a T-shirt that I made for her. I had a lot of fun. 


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