Saturday, September 14, 2013

Heart for Heart Girls Doll - Lauryce

Today I went to Target to purchase this doll. I'd read a couple of pretty good reviews on doll blogs and the dolls are really cute, so I got one. 

I'm writing my own review because I'm disappointed with this doll. It cost $24.99 plus tax. I think that is much too expensive for this doll. A very small amount of that goes to some charity. But still, I don't know why this doll costs so much. 

She's 14 inches tall and very slim. It's a small doll with no exceptional articulation.

She comes with cute earrings, bracelets, a worthless comb that might be good for an infants hair, beautiful eyes, a sweet face, and a booklet. Her dress is cute, her shoes are plastic and it was nice of them to mercifully give the poor doll a pair of panties. 

The booklet is well made with an interesting story with color photos, something about New Orleans, Katrina, Haiti, Creole and a rabbit. Maybe most of the money goes towards making the booklets.  

The dolls look completely different than the Playmates Toys, Inc.'s stock photos so its best to see these dolls in person. 

One of the major disappointments for me was how thinly rooted her hair is. The company that makes these dolls, Playmates Toys, totally skimped on the hair. This doll will be wearing lots of hats and scarves. To me that is the worst sin for a doll company to do. 

As you can see, her hair is long. It's thin but appears to be thicker because its crimped and wavy. I love textured hair. 

I wanted the doll that comes from Ethiopia but I've never seen her at my local Target. Ever. As a matter of fact, these dolls are usually sold out at my Target. 

These are her shoes. They're actually a much lighter rose color in person. They're bland, cheap and boring. 

I got Lauryce because she's very sweet and pretty. Her hair is a beautiful color and texture. I think she's biracial. You know, the Chanel of dolls? I do like her jewelry. I might get her an outfit on Amazon (I didn't see any at Target), or I might learn how to sew and make her something cute. 

I'm not buying anymore Heart for Heart Girls dolls. Not for this kind of money. It's a great concept but I can't justify the cost. I'd rather have an 18 inch BFC, Ink doll. These dolls cost more than Our Generation dolls and you get less. 

I could also see a young girl ripping this doll to shreds and snatching her completely bald with that comb. 


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