Saturday, October 4, 2014

Our Generation Mini Lana Doll Review

I went to Target over the summer and decided to pick up one of the mini Our Generarion dolls after seeing them on a few other blogs. There were only two left so I'm assuming that these dolls are popular. They cost around $10. That's seems like a lot to me now because I'm getting used to the thrift store prices. 

Here is Mini Lana. Her box was a little beat up. She stands around 6 1/2 inches or 14 cm. 

There's a bunch of dumb crap written on the back of the box. 

Her acrylic eyes are very pretty. I prefer them to painted on eyes that some dolls have. Other than that, her face is plain and simple yet sweet. 

She's a ginger with green eyes. Her clothes don't fit her very well and look a little sloppy but the quality isn't too bad considering the price. 

She's wearing a hot pink trench coat, jeggings (jean leggings), a striped blouse and (rain?) boots. 

The hair quality is nice. I don't know how this doll would hold up with a child playing with it on a regular basis. For me, it's fine because she's going to be on display, mostly. 

The blouse is a very bad fit. I may have to make her a new one when I finally get around to it in the year 2051. So it may never happen. 

The trench coat has Velcro in the front behind the buttons to keep it close. And, of course, the belt which is sewn to the sides of the coat. Don't have to worry about losing it. 

Her blouse fastens with Velcro in the back. Her jeggings are a stretchy material. The boots slip on and off easily. 

That blouse is a hot mess. 

Her arms and legs bend easily. The fabric on her neck comes up quite high making it look like she's wearing a turtle neck. That's how it looks to me anyway. 

This doll is a nice addition to my collection but I most likely won't get another one. I honestly don't know what I'd do with them. I think Lana would look much better in different clothes and a decent pair of shoes and neater hair. She doesn't inspire me to whip out the sewing machine or try to make a pair of shoes. 

Here she is with Our Generation Sadie.

I'm sure little girls will love playing with these dolls. They don't weigh anything and they're small so they can be taken anywhere. That will come in handy when the kids are out with parents shopping or in a waiting room. 

It is a good value for the price. For now, though, Lana is going to keep my Mini Kenya doll company.