Saturday, July 5, 2014

So In Style Grace and Courtney

So In Style Hair Fun Grace and Courtney were also on clearance at Target. I thought this was an excellent deal. They are sisters. 

Their only accessories are  two clip in, colored hair extensions, barrettes and a brush. I don't have any use for these. Neither of them have earrings. 

The back of their box. 

Grace's outfit is very interesting and unusual. The green belt around her waist is plastic and clips on. It doesn't go all away around. 

I don't think her shoes are anything special. Typical Barbie shoes. She isn't wearing any jewelry. I think she would've looked better with a pair of pants or capris. 

Her hair is stick straight. No texture at all. 

Here she is without her clip-on belt. 

She's wearing a stretchy, short jumpsuit. There isn't any opening in the back. She's articulated just like the Barbie fashionistas. 

This is little Courtney. She is super cute. Her eyes are hazel. Her outfit is adorable but I don't like the boots. I would've preferred a different type of shoes. Maybe sneakers. Her clothes and shoes are easy to remove. 

She has the same hair that Grace does. Someday I'll give these girls more texture in their hair. Or maybe some curls. 

Courtney and Chelsea. 

Here is an old Barbie Fashionista body with a Liv doll and Grace, who has the new body. As you can see, the old body is much better. Her torso can bend. 

There's much more movement in the first two dolls. The Liv doll can wear flat or high heel shoes unlike Barbie dolls who are always on tippy toes. Liv's knee caps give them more flexibility in their legs.

Barbie Fashionista Nikki and Grace. Both dolls are very beautiful. For some reason, Nikki's head is much bigger than Grace's head. Grace's eyes are green. 



  1. Even though I'm not a fan of what they are wearing, I don't have a single Grace in my collection so I just may have to stop by Target and see if I can find one of these.

  2. I dont really like what Grace is wearing either, I actually have a smiliair short jumpsuit for my liv dolls and I dont really use it. I think she has a pretty face, and her little sister looks verry cute.

    The liv doll body, looks kinda weird next to Barbie. Its their torso that looks strange to me, but they looks good with clothes on so its not important.
    Its a shame that they decided, to remove the torso joint from the fashionistas.