Monday, July 7, 2014

La Dee Da Garden Tea Party

ToysRUs is having a store wide clearance sale. Not everything's on sale though. The things that are on sale are often up to 70% off or more. So I got this set for $5. And trust me, it wasn't worth a penny more. 

Off Topic Rant:
I can't believe La Dee Da are made by the same company that made Liv dolls, Spinmaster. Liv Dolls and accessories are so superior in every way. Why couldn't they keep producing dolls on that level? The lightweight crap they produce now is embarrassing. In my opinion, the quality has gone down. 
Rant Over.

On the box it says that it comes with over 40 pieces made out of paper, plastic and felt. And most of those are kind of flimsy. 

It was so hard for me to get this scene set up. The table, chairs, lamppost and dolls easily fall over. I was getting frustrated with the thing. 

Sitting at the table are Dee and Sloane. They're having a good time at their garden tea party in Central Park. Finally. 

I like the backdrop and lamppost the most. Those are going to come in real handy when I'm taking photos of my other dolls. It does make a nice backdrop. The thin cardboard tree and shrubbery in the shape of a dog look awkward. Don't know how much use I'm going to get out of those. 

It has a teapot, plates, spoons, forks and two cake stands. I can use all of that in my other dioramas. 

It also came with a lot of different colored, felt shapes, stickers and small cardboard decals. I had no use for any of them so I chucked them. If I'd added all of those things it would have looked like a very busy and colorful scene and kind of tacky, too. I didn't want to overdo it. I think it looks nice just the way it is here. 

It also came with purple and pink markers. They got tossed also. I'm sure all that stuff would come in handy for little girls because then they could have fun decorating the whole scene. That would keep it interesting for them so they don't get bored. 

There were so many things on sale at ToysRUs. I had trouble making up my mind about what I wanted to get. I couldn't afford everything I wanted. But I did get some great stuff that I'm having fun with. 

I want to paint the chairs and table in this set a different color. Someday, I'll get around to that. I know this will look fantastic painted. And I can't wait to use this set in my doll photos. 

I would definitely buy this for a little girl while it was on sale because the set isn't that sturdy. I'll bet a child could destroy this entire thing in one summer. 

But for me it's perfect and the price was right. 


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