Saturday, July 5, 2014

Barbie Fashionista Nikki and Easter Chelsea

There's a clearance sale going on right now at Target so I finally got Nikki. I've wanted this doll for awhile. 

Here's the back of the box. Apparently, there are four Fashionista dolls made by Mattel. Barbie, of course, and two others. I don't know their names. 

She's stunning and pretty. Her accessories are stylish and unique. I do like this doll's hair a lot. It's very soft and better quality than some dolls. 

She didn't come with a stand. Her only accessory was her purse. I'm not too crazy about the long, plastic, purple earrings. 

Her gold armband and bracelet look like works of art to me. These are going to look nice on all of my dolls, too. 

Not nearly as much thought and effort seems to go into the design of these shoes as Monster High and Ever After High, which are often the same price. Barbies feet are much smaller than those dolls so they can't share shoes, which is a shame. 

The articulation isn't as good as Liv dolls bit it's better than nothing. 

Her mobility is very good. Her head bends up and down and turns from side to side. Elbows and wrists bend easily. She doesn't turn or bend at the waist. Knees bend easily. Very sturdy. Not as delicate as Pullips. Good, sturdy play dolls. 

Also made by Mattel is Easter Chelsea. I found her at a thrift store. She is Barbie's little sister. These dolls are so adorable and cute. Excellent quality hair and pretty brown eyes. There isn't much mobility with these dolls. They will make excellent little sisters for my dolls. 

She's 5 1/2 inches tall. Her shoes and clothes are easily removable. I think her headband is supposed to be a rabbit or a sheep. The same animal is on her basket. 

Here are some of my smaller dolls. LPS Blythe, Chelsea, a Lil' One, Courtney, AG Isabelle happy meal toys, mini Lalaloospies. 

Hope you enjoyed my reviews and photos of my growing doll collection.



  1. As for sharing shoes...
    My barbies wear some of MH's shoes (not open toes ofc), same with Livs- it allows them to stand without support. Basic Venus, Abby and Draculaura's boots work just fine for those dolls.

    1. Thanks for the tip. Now I more options with shoes.