Sunday, May 22, 2016

Pullip Tokidoki Luna

Luna was going for a half way decent price on eBay. It was the cheapest price I saw so I snapped it up. I had no desire to own a Pullip until I saw this Tokidoki Luna. She's gorgeous and I had to have her. I usually prefer Pullip's boyfriend, Taeyang. Taeyang dolls appeal to me more. I don't know why.

Luna is the result of a collaboration between Tokidoki and Pullip. She was released in 2012. Tokidoki is a fashion line that was founded in 2003 by designer Simone Legno. They teamed up with Pullip and created Luna, Luna-Rosa and Hello Kitty Violetta. I like Luna the best. 

This Pullip and the J-doll both have the Pullip type 4 body. I prefer this type because the previous Type 3 body is hideous. I've also read that it is very fragile.

Luna is my first Pullip doll. She comes with a bag, some kind of stuffed toy in a donut, stick on tattoos, a hat and an extra shirt.

As you can see in the photo, she's wearing a studded choker. She has a pair of black shorts under her skirt. So actually, she has two outfits. Both very cute.

Her wig is soft and thick. The quality is excellent. 

She has one of the prettiest faces I've seen on a Pullip.

Her studded leather bracelet kept falling off.

Her bag has a zipper that works.

Luna kept tipping over backwards due to the size of her enormous head. You can easily see the blue in her hair in this photo.

She's extremely pretty and photogenic. Here she is having lunch with Hunter Huntsman. 

I'm so pleased with her. She's just beautiful, her accessories are fun and wonderful, and she has two cute outfits. I don't plan on putting the tattoos on her. 


Monster High Getting Ghostly Twyla Review

For the past six months or so I've been crazy busy or crazy exhausted so I haven't updated the blog. And I'm sorry but the next few posts will be brief. That can be a good thing.

Here's Twyla. 

Her bio is on the back of her box. Twyla is supposed to be a ghost so I guess that means she's dead. Her eyes glow in the dark but you can barely see it and it isn't even worth it. 

Her belt is supposed to be her haunting chains. It's made out of plastic, of course. She had a bracelet and a nice headband. I don't know what her bracelet is supposed to be but it's nice.

This is her unique stand. It's supposed to be chains. I  like it because it's different from the usual doll stands. 

Her hair out of the box is a mess but it's very soft.

No earrings. Ugh.

For the price, I had to have her. I really like Monster High dolls because of the creativity and uniqueness. 

Here's Twyla goofing around with Toralei. They're trying to scare each other.

Ever After High's Madeleine Hatter is also   about 9 1/2 in or 24.13cm.

Twyla is fun and kinda sweet. I'll have a lot of fun putting her in my photos.


Thursday, May 19, 2016

J-Doll Andrassy Ave

I've wanted this doll for a long time. I finally found her for a reasonable price on Pullipstyle has the best prices for J-Dolls that I've found so far. They're outrageously priced on and

I check Pullipstyle all the time to see what they have in stock. It changes regularly.

From what I've read on other doll blogs, J-Dolls have been discontinued but they can be found for sale on the Internet. They're named after famous fashionable streets all over the world. Andrassy Ave is in Budapest, Hungary.

Right out of the box she's kind of a mess. He left knee is badly stained from her legwarmers or long socks. She has a Pullip Type 4 body. Her eyes are blue just like her hair.

I do love her boots and her punk rock outfit which is why I had to have this doll.

The scarf is really cheap. I don't like it at all and I won't be using it. I'll try to find another scarf. He faux leather, studded vest and backpack are wonderful. The backpack closes with Velcro.

I  removed The Histor banner that was across her chest. I won't be using that, either. I don't like it.

Her arms were wrapped in plastic. I took her hair down because I wasn't crazy about the style. I put it in very hot water to get it to lay flat but that didn't work so well. It's in a ponytail for now.

Her boots are plastic. I didn't want to deal with taking them off and trying to get them back on. I'm probably going to have to cut them down the back to get them off and on. The laces are plastic. They're only real at the top so there's no way to untie and remove them.

Here are my only two J-Dolls. You can see my brief review of Piazza Cavalli here. Please ignore Piazza's busted homemade wig. I'll get around to making her a new wig some day. Her original wig was atrocious. It had to go. It was like straw. Andrassy's wig is much better quality.

Andrassy's belt broke. I guess because it's so old. I'll have to fix it one day. 

Andrassy is now good friends with Taeyang Raiki. 

I'm glad to add Andrassy Ave to my collection. Her outfit is very modern and fashionable. Her blue wig is a good match for her outfit. Her acrylic blue eyes are beautiful. She's a fashionable and fun doll. I can't wait to get another J-Doll.

Thanks for dropping by my blog.