Monday, October 28, 2013

Ever After High Ashlynn Ella & Hunter Huntsman

These dolls come in a set. They're a couple. She's a Royal, the daughter of Cinderella. He is the son of Huntsman from Red Riding Hood.

Here's Ashlynn. Her dress is very tight and she can barely move in it. But it is marvelous, fetching and looks like something a royal would wear. She has a nice bracelet, too. Too bad the British royal don't dress like this because those people are BORING and they wear the most unattractive, least fashionable clothes imaginable. 

You can't see Ashlynn's necklace in this photo. Her earrings are little gold shoes. Her headband is some pink leaves or something. 

This is her purse. It's a clock. I think it opens but I couldn't get it open and I didn't want to break it. Her ring is a little bird. Couldn't get a clear shot. Sorry. 

Here she is from the back. Her hair is kind of a mess. She came put of the box like this. Their boxes were harder to open than Monster High boxes. Their joints aren't as good as Monster High, either. 

Cruel shoes. (Nobody's going to get this reference.)

Her crap. Again, not gonna read the story. Don't care. 

She is very pretty. I bought this set because I really wanted Hunter. He is awesome. I would've preferred to get him by himself. I don't have any decent male dolls and I like dolls that are articulated. 

If Ashlynn and Hunter didn't come together I wouldn't want her. 

Here's Hunter. Great clothes. Love the bag he comes with. Hair is kind of weird. Very stiff. Lots of styling product. 

A little bit of glue stuck to his face. 

His boots. So cool. 

 Some sort of bracelet. Like it.

Big hood for a big head. 

Here he is striking a very strange pose...just because he can? His clothes are terrific. 

His story, whatever it is. 

The rest. 

The bag opens. Too cool. 

Here's Hunter and Liv doll Jake. He's wearing Cody Simpson clothes. Jake has much better articulation but, boy, is he ugly compared to Hunter. But they're both better than Ken dolls. What is with those thick necks on Ken dolls?HIDEOUS! I don't like the Monster High boy dolls, either. 

The lovely couple. 


Here they are with Madeline Hatter. 

Here they are with Monster High Frankie Stein Threaderella for comparison. Madeline is 10 inches tall. Don't know who she can share clothes with.  

I might get a few of the Ever After High Legacy dolls when they come out around here. Ever After High are gook looking, attractive, fashionable dolls. They are my Pullip substitutes. Madeline and Hunter are my favorites. If most boy dolls weren't so hideous I'd buy more of them. But now I'm growing bored with having so many girl dolls and just 2 males. So I'm glad I got Hunter...and Maddie. 


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