Monday, October 14, 2013

Baby Bratz Sasha and Mini Kenya

Two small, cute dolls I found for a very good price.

Hair Madness Mini Kenya by Kenya Dolls is on the left. They have regular sized fashion dolls and male dolls. They only make Dolls of Color (DOC). This is the only Kenya doll I've ever seen in a store. I bought her on sale at Walgreens. 

She came with a little bag and she has the letter K on both of her shoes. Her shoes are painted on. Her clothes can be removed. 

She has so much hair that she tips over backwards from the weight of it. I'm sure littles girls must love all that hair. 

I don't know much about these dolls. I did check out the Kenya dolls website. Right now they have a sale on some Kenya fashion dolls. 

Mini Kenya's are sweet, nice 6 inch dolls with a crazy amount off hair. I'll only buy them when I find a very good sale. 

This is Baby Bratz - Storybook Collection - Sasha's North Pole Journey. She came in a box that had a stupid story on it that I totally didn't read. She also came with a brush that I kept. I don't see these in stores anymore so I assume they've been discontinued like all the other good dolls that I like. She 4 inches. 

I'm going to leave her hair exactly the way it is because it's so cute. 

She's so sweet. 

Same as with Mini Kenya, I'd only buy more Baby Bratz if I find anymore of them for a very good price. The best price is free, though. 


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