Monday, October 7, 2013

Robotica's Cafe - Doll Hangout

I got the idea to make this diner or cafe from Ginger Lola on YouTube. She has a video tutorial about how to make a doll restaurant. I followed the tutorials the best that I could. I didn't have the materials she did or the space in my apartment so mine is small.

Most of my dolls like to hang out here. 

I used an Oil of Olay drug store display case I found in front of my building. Most of the materials I used to decorate it I bought from the dollar store. 

The tables were made out of Popsicle sticks painted white and yogurt containers. The chairs were made out of juice container tops and yogurt containers. I had to weight the tables and chairs down with glass pebbles purchased from the dollar store. They kept tipping over. It was driving me insane. 

Monster High's Venus McFlytrap works behind the counter. Ghoulia and Robecca Steam eat here all the time. Liv's Jake brings Hayden here on dates. Daniella likes to hang out and play her guitar. There's also Liv's Alexis, La Dee Da's Sloane and Bratzillaz's Jade. 

Bon appetit, dolls!


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