Friday, October 11, 2013

Littlest Pet Shop Blythe Dolls

I can't afford Blythe or mini Blythe dolls right now. I've read some online reviews comparing Littlest Pet Shop Blythe to regular more expensive Mini Blythe dolls. Of course, the more expensive ones are better quality and articulated. But like I said, I ain't got that kind of money so Littlest Pet Shop Blythe by Hasbro is the next best thing.

I love these dolls. They're adorable and right now, they're on sale at my local ToysRUs. They're heads can tilt from side to side and up and down and they have eyelashes. They're knees don't bend. They also come with useless combs. 

This is Pinwheels & Daisies and her cute little dog. I have no idea if the dogs have names. 

Her shoes, hat, dress and glasses can be removed. I really like her dress. It's very pretty. The material is stiff and makes it hard for her to sit down.

I couldn't get her pinwheel to stay on her hand. 

This is Autumn Glam. Her lunchbox or whatever that thing is, opens up. I like her boots and dress but the hat is kind of funky looking. She also comes with an ear of corn. She has beautiful eyes and brilliant red hair. 

This is Cold Weather Cute. She's wearing a pair of ice skates. Her tights are painted on. There isn't anything under her coat. I was disappointed that she didn't have a dress on. Some day I'll make her a cute dress when I figure out how. Maybe I'll buy Blythe clothes from Amazon. 

This is Buckles & Bows. Her tights are painted on. Everything else comes off. Her pet fits into the bag. I think she's a diva with an attitude who likes to go shopping.

This one is called Hiking Trip. I have no idea why. She doesn't look like she's dressed to go hiking to me. 

She didn't come with a pet but she does have a postcard and a lollipop which I can't find anymore. 

Here all the girls and their pets hanging out at the park. 

These dolls have great accessories, removable clothes, hats and shoes. Their eyes are just gorgeous. They have good quality hair and adorable expressions on their faces. 

I don't think Hasbro makes Blythe dolls anymore. And, of course, I jumped on the bandwagon late. The good thing about that is that when I find them in stores their usually on sale for a great price. 



  1. I've never liked Blythe from the original Kenner dolls to the present ones. Too big are their heads, too large are their inset eyes. Creepy.

    BUT ... I find these LPS Blythes adorable. I have resisted them so far - buying them. I ogle them in stores though. Discount stores like Ross Dress for Less, etc. will often sell them for $5.00 a doll set. Well, the doll and one or two accessories sets. Not the bigger sets, which understandably go for higher prices.

    I suppose I like them because they remind me of my Mary Quant Daisy doll. Daisy is the petite blonde with the big, blue, side-glancing eyes.

    1. The original Blythe dolls do have enormous heads. Someday I might get a Pullip. But I love these dolls.

      You've been collecting dolls for a lot longer than I have.

    2. You're Mary Quaint Daisy dolls are very cute.