Monday, October 28, 2013

Ever After High Madeline Hatter by Mattel


Picked up Madeline Hatter at ToysRUs. The Ever After High dolls are cheaper at TRU than Target. Although, Target had them first, I'm glad I waited. 

These dolls were being sold by Justice Stores but there isn't a Justice near me. I've never even heard of Justice. So I had to wait and get it late as usual. 

Madeline is my favorite of the Ever After High dolls. To me she stands out and is the most unique. She is the daughter of the Mad Hatter from Wonderland. She's also a Rebel. Ever After High has The Rebels and the Royals. I don't know the difference between the two and I don't care. I don't watch the webisodes on YouTube. 

These dolls have really big heads. They remind me of Pullip dolls. They are a much better price and offer a lot of variety, great clothes and articulation. 

The articulation is better on the Monster High Dolls, though. 

She comes with an adorable little teapot for a purse. She has great accessories. 

She has a cute, little, purple ring that's held to her hand with a rubber band. I'm not taking the band off because I always lose doll rings. 

You can see how adorable her shoes are. 

I really don't like plastic jewelry but hers is attractive enough. 

She has a hat on her headband. She's starting to remind me of all those other Mad Hatter dolls like Liv dolls. I can't think of any others right now. 

Here she is from the back. Her hair was flattened in the back when she came out of the box. She also has a bum knee like she has arthritis. It's very hard to bend one of her legs. 

Her earrings are gold spoons. Very nice. 

This is all the crap she came with. Her story, stand and a brush. I will not be brushing her hair. Those ringlets will turn into an Afro. I probably won't be reading her story, either. I never read those things. They bore me. 

Her she is in all her glory. I like her the best because her outfit is gorgeous, her two tone hair is terrific and she is so pretty. 


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