Thursday, September 19, 2013

BFC, Ink. Doll Yuko

Meet Yuko Sato by MGA Entertainment, Inc. I found her on eBay. Shes 17 inches tall. These dolls have been discontinued by the company. I don't know why. I love these dolls. I want more but right now they're being sold for outrageously inflated prices on eBay that I refuse to pay. This one was the only one that was reasonably priced. 

I took her to the beach today. She's the most beautiful doll that I own. 

She's well articulated like the Liv dolls. Those have been discontinued as well. The Moxie Teens dolls were beautiful well articulated dolls that have also been discontinued. 

Why have all the best dolls been discontinued?

I love that she looks Asian. I've bought Asian dolls from other doll lines but the Asian dolls look just like the other dolls. 

 Her hair is thick and very nice. The quality isn't bad. She has plenty of hair. 

This is the outfit she comes with. A black jacket, blouse, blue leggings, a cheap pink purse and plastic fuchsia shoes. I hate plastic shoes. 

She also came with a hard cover book.

These are my biggest dolls. Here's Yuko with my Heart 4 Heart Lauryce, left and Our Generation Sadie, right. All of them come with cheap, plain outfits and plastic shoes. Sadie is built like a linebacker and Yuko has huge gorilla paws/man hands. So she can hold things better?

Lauryce has an adorable face and the best jewelry. Yuko is beautiful, has the best book and articulation. 

Our Generation dolls have the best accessories. 

I love the BFC, Ink. dolls. Someday I'd like to get the African-American one. Well articulated dolls are my favorite dolls.These dolls aren't as well articulated as Liv dolls. 

Here are more photos of Yuko and Lauryce at the beach. We had a lot of fun. 


  1. She is super cute with Lauryce

    I would love to have a couple of BFC ink dolls one day, it suck that they are discontinued

    1. Theyre really hard to get now, even on eBay.

      I saw MiM dolls that are similar but they're over $100.