Sunday, September 29, 2013

Bratzillaz Illiana Honesty and Various Bratz Dolls

This is Bratzillaz Illiana Honesty. Bratz and Bratzillaz are made by MGA Entertainment, Inc. I prefer the Bratzillaz over Bratz. Bratzillaz are articulated and they have inset acrylic eyes. I really don't like painted on eyes. 

Illiana is one of the most beautiful dolls I've ever seen. I had to have her. It doesn't say much about her on the box like where she's from. I think she's supposed to be from India. 

Iliana's eyes are pink with glitter. They shimmer. They are so beautiful. Her brown skin tone is amazing. Her make up, eyes, earrings and clothes compliment her skin beautifully. 

There is a lot of hair on her head. Her head sometimes wobbles from side to side from the weight of her hair. But I don't care. I love her braid and will never take it out. 

She has nice henna tattoos on her hands. A nice touch. It's better than those stupid tattoos on the other Bratzillaz. (Which I sandpapered off.)

Her she is from the side. I'm not going to describe her outfit because you can see it for yourself. 

I am disappointed with her shoes. The ones she wore in the picture on the box were nicer. Those shoes don't seem match anything and they're ugly. 

She didn't come with a stand or purse. She came with a dumb hat that I threw away and an ugly, useless brush. The company was too cheap to supply a stand. 

I'm so happy I found a stunningly, beautiful doll of color (DOC). They're hard to find unless they're Barbies and I hate Barbies. Of the few I've seen in stores, most were just downright ugly. 

One company will make 6 white dolls and 2 dolls of color (if that). The white dolls will be cute. It looks like they don't even try with some of the DOCs. 

Here are my other Bratzilaz. 

Jade J'Adore, Illiana, Meygana. (I had to get Meygana out of bed for the photo shoot.) I cut all of Jade's ugly white hair off and replaced it with a dark wig. Illiana and Meygana get to keep their natural hair. 

Yasmina and Sashabella Paws with wigs and Liv bodies. 

Bratz Boutique Sasha with a Bratzillaz body and reprinted lips. (God, they were ugly.) Bratz Cats Megan and Sasha. 


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