Friday, September 27, 2013

Cody Simpson and Making Waves 'Jake'

Today I found these Cody Simpson dolls at ToysRUs. The singing one cost $3 and the other one was $1. 

I have no idea who Cody Simpson is. I really don't care, either.  The back of the box says he's a teen heartthrob from Australia. He looks like a pimpled faced teen with bizarre hair. 

The dolls are made by the Wish Factory Ltd. and they're ugly with molded hair and thick, articulated limbs that barely move. 

For me this was an excellent find because I needed clothes for my Liv Making Waves 'Jake' doll. I paid $4 for him at ToysRUs. His outfits cost too much money on Amazon and eBay. I'm always looking for cheap alternatives. 

Here they are side by side. The Cody Simpson doll is just hideous. He has a GI Joe doll action grip to hold a microphone. Anyway, I like Jake much better. He has 14 points of articulation. 

Liv dolls were made by Spin Master but are now discontinued. Le Sigh. 

Here's Jake wearing Cody's clothes and shoes. He looks great. Now he has a guitar, 2 outfits, 2 pairs if shoes, a jacket and 2 microphones. The sunglasses wouldn't fit so a Littlest Petshop Blythe inherited them. A great deal for $4. 



  1. Cool find, Robotica! Thanks for sharing. I need to visit a TRU ASAP. Those Cody dolls are fugly - it's that hideous plastic they made them from that gives them a bulbous, waxy, gangers look. Your Jake is one lucky dude. Two cool outfits for under $5.00.

    1. Thanks,

      I ended going back to TRU and getting another CS doll just for the outfit. The Jake dolls were only $4 when TRU. I wish I'd gotten another one. Jake is the only male doll I have. I'd like to get more.