Sunday, October 8, 2017

I Am Out of Here

Hello, everyone,

To anyone who is kind enough to follow this blog or anyone who just wants to check it out, I've finally given up on Blogger. I can't update it from my phone or tablet so it's gotta go. The Blogger app no longer works and Google has given up on it.

If you like you can continue to follow my new blog at I won't be updating this blog anymore. So please stop by the new place. Look around. See if you like anything. Get familiar. Hope to see you there soon.


Sunday, October 1, 2017

Monster High Inner Monster Scared Silly

I've been neglecting this blog big time. I've been busy with alot of different projects and just haven't been in the mood to keep up the blog. But now everything is piling up and it is about time I started to lighten the load.

A little while ago I picked up a Monster High Inner Monster Scared Silly doll from a local store. I paid absolutely no attention to these dolls when they were at Toysrus. In fact, I hated them and I thought they looked stupid. Since this doll was on sale at a store right across the street from where I live I decided to take another look.

The eyes really caught my attention. They're not painted on like on the rest of the MH dolls. I guess they are acrylic or shine type of plastic. 

Here's a closer look at the box this doll comes in.

As you can see from the back of the box this doll can do many different things.

Here's a closer look at the accessories included.

These are the emotions that can be embedded in her ribcage. I have no idea what they all mean or stand for or even why anyone would want to put anything in a doll's chest in the first place. I've already lost all of them or maybe I threw them away. Not sure. Can't remember.

She can be turned into an octopus monster or a...plant?

She came with very easy to follow instructions along with a checklist of everything that's included in the box.

Here's a diary so a kid can write down how they're feeling. 

Scared Silly out of her box. Her lower legs below the knees are rubbery so she doesn't stand very well and the legs aren't really straight. Luckily, she came with a stand so that took care of that problem.

She has three different eyes in her head. They can be changed by pressing down on her green brain.

Her wig hooks into those two holes on the back of her head.

Her entire body can be taken apart and put back together. 

The orange breastplate can be removed to add different emotions. I think this part is completely pointless but whatever.

She looks like an android like this.

Here she is with Frankie and Cleo. The inset eyes are so much more attractive. I wish all MH dolls had them.

Their bodies are identical.

Cleo tried on the mask. She doesn't look scared silly to me. :-)

The dress and shoes fit Cleo perfectly although she's a little confused. She doesn't know how she's supposed to feel about this. The outfit is very cute and I really like the shoes, too.

This monstrosity is the wig that she came with. Mattel should be ashamed of themselves. I don't know what they thought someone was supposed to do with this thing. I tried to fix it but there was only so much I could do for it. The wig was hopeless. I'm probably going to throw it away.

I'm not too crazy about these eyes, the Crazy Eyes. 

These are ok. 

Here she is trying on different wigs. I made these wigs some time ago when I was trying to learn how to make wigs.

These are Moxie Teenz wigs.

Her sunglasses are cute. 

Here she is with her mask on. It is...interesting.

Now she's turned into an octopus...

with a really cheap and tacky weave. Oh well, a girl can't have it all, I guess.

She's being eaten alive by a Venus Flytrap.

This accessory isn't all that impressive.

I do like most of her accessories as well as the different inset eyes and her outfit. They set her apart from the other MH dolls and make her fun. Taking her apart and putting her back together is fun, too. I'm happy with her because she is different from the other dolls. I like the variety that the Monster High line of dolls has to offer. It keeps me from getting bored with them. 

I felt like a little kid playing around with this doll. I doubt I'll buy any more Inner Monster dolls unless I find them dirt cheap but they do offer a lot of fun.


Sunday, May 22, 2016

Pullip Tokidoki Luna

Luna was going for a half way decent price on eBay. It was the cheapest price I saw so I snapped it up. I had no desire to own a Pullip until I saw this Tokidoki Luna. She's gorgeous and I had to have her. I usually prefer Pullip's boyfriend, Taeyang. Taeyang dolls appeal to me more. I don't know why.

Luna is the result of a collaboration between Tokidoki and Pullip. She was released in 2012. Tokidoki is a fashion line that was founded in 2003 by designer Simone Legno. They teamed up with Pullip and created Luna, Luna-Rosa and Hello Kitty Violetta. I like Luna the best. 

This Pullip and the J-doll both have the Pullip type 4 body. I prefer this type because the previous Type 3 body is hideous. I've also read that it is very fragile.

Luna is my first Pullip doll. She comes with a bag, some kind of stuffed toy in a donut, stick on tattoos, a hat and an extra shirt.

As you can see in the photo, she's wearing a studded choker. She has a pair of black shorts under her skirt. So actually, she has two outfits. Both very cute.

Her wig is soft and thick. The quality is excellent. 

She has one of the prettiest faces I've seen on a Pullip.

Her studded leather bracelet kept falling off.

Her bag has a zipper that works.

Luna kept tipping over backwards due to the size of her enormous head. You can easily see the blue in her hair in this photo.

She's extremely pretty and photogenic. Here she is having lunch with Hunter Huntsman. 

I'm so pleased with her. She's just beautiful, her accessories are fun and wonderful, and she has two cute outfits. I don't plan on putting the tattoos on her.