Monday, July 6, 2015

J-Doll Piazza Cavalli

I decided to get a J Doll after reading reviews for the dolls at and Both of these reviews are excellent and very thorough. I suggest that if you want to found out more about J-Dolls, definitely, click on the links.

This isn't going to be a thorough review because other bloggers have already done a much better job. 

I got this doll awhile ago. She was named for a street in Piacenza, Italy. I believe she was $35 with $5 shipping (very reasonable) from dolls vary in price. 

These dolls are no longer being made which is a shame because I really like the one that I have. I'd like to get more of them someday. 

J-Dolls have the same bodies as Pullip dolls but not the giant heads. Their heads are about the same size as Barbie's. This doll has the Pullip type 4 body, I believe. 

Here she is. Nice doll stand that supports the doll under her arms. Well made clothes and accessories. Gorgeous acrylic eyes.

It's hard to get her jacket on and off so I gave up on it after awhile. Her wig is atrocious. It's stiff and course and the style is very strange. Nothing I did made it any better. It seems to be glued to her head. 

I searched for a better wig but they cost almost as much as another doll. I'd rather spend the money on a doll. 

Her clothes are fashionable, stylish and well made. Much better than Barbie clothes. 

She has a wide range of motion like Pullip dolls. This isn't a play doll. She is fragile. I would never hand this doll to a child. It probably wouldn't last a day.

Here she is with Taeyang Alberic. She's wearing a Barbie hat that fits her perfectly. 

She likes to go on adventures with Fashionista Nikki

Dolls like to take selfies, too. 

Smoking a cigarette with Miss Swamp

Piazza likes to help Hunter style his hair.

I tried to do something with her hair. It looks better like this. That's a silver pipe cleaner and small clips that I used. 

Piazza Cavalli is a sweet, pretty doll. I had a lot of fun taking pictures of her. I didn't pose her too much because I was afraid I'd damage her. She's so fragile and I do want to have her around for a long time. I've just started to make some clothes for her so I want her to last.

Hope you like my photos. If you like to collect fashion dolls you'll probably like this doll especially if you want to have a doll with a Pullip body but not the giant head. 


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