Friday, January 31, 2014

Monster High Honey Swamp by Mattel

This is Honey "Boo Boo" Swamp, Fright Camera  Action. She's the daughter of the swamp monster, whatever that is.

It took me awhile to find this doll here in NYC. I couldn't find her until after the holiday season was over. She was sold out everywhere. I was very disappointed because it was a decent price during the  holiday sales. I ended up paying full price. I really wanted her, though. She's my second favorite Monster High doll after Toralei Cat Tastrophe. 

This is her picture on the front of the box.

This is the back of the box. 

Her she is out of her box. I'm not sure if this is the actual stand she came with. I have so many MH stands at this point and I got them mixed up in a huge pile. She does come with a stand, of course. 

Her book/diary was boring as usual. Something about school. I don't know. I read it and immediately forgot it. I have no intentions of ever reading it again. 

She comes with a camera (because she's a filmmaker?). I wish she'd come with a cute purse that most of the MH dolls come with instead.

And whatever this thing is called. Can't remember and don't feel like Googling it. 

Honey Swamp is awesome. She's giving off some fierce, ghetto fabulous, Afro realness and I love her for it. She is beautiful. 

Her 'fro looks great from the back, too. 

Her small, plastic, pink hat is connected to a black headband. I'm not going to describe her too much because a picture is worth a thousand words, right? I had fun taking photos of her. 

Her pink, reptilian shoes. MH have the best shoes. 

I love her skin color and the designs on her skin. It makes her even more unique. 

Very cute dress. I just wish the shirt was longer. And I'm not too crazy about the fur underneath the skirt.

Don't cry for me, Argentina.

Here she is making a phone call after her cell phone battery died. 

Having lunch with Toralei at Robotica's Cafe. 

Bye, y'all!

EDIT: Honey "Boo Boo" Swampwater Child's left leg fell off shortly after this review. 

A piece that was holding the leg on just popped off. If I glued it back together the leg probably wouldn't have been mobile anymore. Also her left upper arm was bent. I couldn't straighten it out. 

So what's a girl to do? I called Mattel's customer service explained the situation and answered a few questions. A few days alter I received a brand new one by FedEx. This doll is in much better shape than the one I originally bought. 

So thanks Mattel. They have great customer service. 

But I still hate Barbies. And I think it's stupid that they put her in Sports Illustrated because every grown man wants to see a plastic doll in a one piece bathing suit next to half naked supermodels. 


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