Saturday, January 11, 2014

Robotica's Crazy Customizing

This is my Monster High Frankie Stein Threaderella doll. I'm not artistically inclined but I wanted to give her more color. To me, this doll is colorless and kind of washed out compared to the other Monster High dolls except Catty Noir who's mostly just black. 

I painted her lips and eyebrows blue to match her dress and to give her more color. I removed the stitches on her cheek with finger polish remover. And I painted her crown silver. I think it's a nice contrast against blue. Blue is the perfect color for her. 

The Velcro on the back of her dress doesn't stick together anymore. I don't know what that's about. Driving me nuts. Someday I'll replace it with snaps. 

Let's talk about her hair for a moment, shall we? I absolutely hate it. I know she's supposed to look like the bride of Frankenstein (her mother?) but I just can't stand it. To me, she looks like she's gone prematurely gray. 

One thing I really like about Monster High 
dolls is that they're very colorful so I re-rooted her hair. 

I watched a couple of tutorials on YouTube and made a homemade re-rooting tool because I was too cheap to buy one. Cut all of her hair off. I then took her head off (broke her neck in the process), removed the glue inside her head with a pair of small needle nose pliers. There was a lot of glue in her head. 

The hair is Yaki tangle free human hair that I bought from the beauty supply store. One pack was blue and cheap. 

Then I re-rooted the hair, filled her head with Elmer's glue because that's all I had and stuck her head back on the best I could. I had to put duct tape on her neck to keep her head on. She doesn't have very much movement in her head anymore but that's all right. I just have to be very careful with her. 

I have no idea why the hair is sticking out like that. I don't think human hair is the best for this. Next time I'll use actual doll hair. You can buy it on the internet. 

I put some thin braids in her hair and put it back in a pony tail. I'm not very good at styling doll hair. This is the next thing I need to work on. Maybe watch some YouTube tutorials to learn how. 

 The hair sticks out like that and will not lay flat.

And it sheds like crazy. 

It was first time trying something like this. I didn't know what to expect. It was a lot of fun. It isn't perfect but I still like the results. I'm going to leave it like this for now. The next time I re-root a doll I'll use doll hair. I'm sure it will come out much better. 



  1. Nice!
    The blue hair suits her really well

    I style my dolls hair useing boiled water, but I dont know if the glue is her head would be problematic.

    I hope I can put myself together, to reroot my liv Jakes one day.

    1. Hi Freja. How many Jakes do you have?

      I tried boiling water briefly. I was afraid to keep her head in there to long because of the glue. Someday I'll try another method to curl it.

  2. I have 3, they are wearing wigs right now

    I hope you find a good method you can try

  3. Hi! I like your blog. While everyone writes reviews only, you talk about fixing dolls and crafting for them too. I love your blue Frankie. I don't know how boiling would affect human hair. You're supposed to style it with human tools and products. If you have a hair curler or straightener, you could try to bend the hair near the roots to make it lie flat. Generally, human hair is not used in vinyl dolls because the oils present in it will degrade the plastic over time. I hope you find a solution!

    1. Thanks. I guess the solution is to not use human hair. I only got it because it was much cheaper than synthetic.

      I'll try using my products on it.