Thursday, January 16, 2014

Ever After High's Briar Beauty Doll

Ever After High is a line of dolls that are teenaged children of fairy tale characters. They're made by Mattel. I bought this one at ToysRUs for a very decent price. 

This is Briar Beauty. She's the royal daughter of Sleeping Beauty and she's always tired and might fall asleep for 100 years any minute so she always wants to try something new. 

Enough with the boring story. There are Ever After High Webisodes on YouTube but I never watch them. I like to watch the EAH stop motion movies on YouTube. Much more fun. 

Anyway, I've had this doll for a little while now. I just want to say that her hair is absolutely atrocious right out of the box. There's plenty of it but it is an absolute frizzy mess. Her hair is the worst of all the EAH dolls, me thinks. I don't know what I'm going to do with that hair. 

These are her accessories. She comes with a stand. Her purse doesn't open. Sigh. The sunglasses are cheap and flimsy. Everything else is very nice. The roses on her shoulders are a nice touch and they can be removed. She also has a ring, earrings, bracelets, hair brush and book marker with her story. 

The bottom half of her dress is a rose petal. Very beautiful. This doll is covered with roses from head to toe. 

Her shoes are adorable. I really love the shoes on EAH dolls. 

Her pantyhose is just to die for. 

As you can see, she is a classic beauty. EAH dolls are very conventional compared to MH. (I guess I'm stating the obvious, here.) The attention to detail, their articulation and expressive hands is why I love these dolls. 

I tried wetting her hair and brushing it which did help tame it. 

Briar beauty is a blast to photograph. I had a lot of fun taking photos of her. 

Here are more pics. 

I made this for her because every royal beauty needs somewhere to lounge after she gets out of school. 

More lounging. It's not like she has chores to do or anything. Just a little homework, a little studying. After all, her future is set. 

Look who came to visit. 

Supermodel of the world. WERK!

Whatcha want, fool?

Drunk again?

I've fallen and I can't get up!

Oops. I got hit in the eye. 

Le Sigh. A royal's life is so hard. 

And here's my collection of EAH dolls so far. I'll definitely be getting more. 


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