Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My First Handmade Doll Wig

I did some brief research on the internet to learn how to make my own doll wigs. There are a lot of different methods; some detailed and time consuming (I dismissed those) and a few that looked relatively easy and quick (definitely made note of those).

This what I came up with:

This is Moxie Teenz Arizona wearing the new wig which turned out pretty good. 

I bought one bag of hair from a beauty supply store. It's called Ya Man Afro Kinky Braid 100% Kanekalon Fiber,
Red. I used the whole bag. 

I crocheted a wig cap with a size C hook and very fine (crochet thread?) black yarn. Then I folded a piece of hair in half and sewed the pieces onto the wig cap very carefully. When I was done I cut it to the desired length. I may cut it so more. I also sewed some of the hair in place in the front to style it a bit and to cover the wig cap which is black. I didn't have red thread. It probably would've looked a bit better with a red wig cap underneath. It wouldn't be so noticeable. 

I wanted to buy more wigs for my dolls from eBay but I gave up after awhile because the prices are outrageous. 

This is a much cheaper option. It was fun but more importantly it didn't take that much time. I'm definitely going to make more. 

This is Bratzillaz Sashabella wearing the wig. She has a Liv body and a Barbie dress. (Boy, that's a lot of hair).

Here's a Liv's Alexis wearing the wig and an outfit I found on a doll at the thrift store. She looks cute. 

The wig cap is very soft and slippery so I have a piece of Velcro and two pins sticking in the dolls head to keep it on. 

This is a view of the wig from the back and the side. The black that's showing in the 2nd photo is the wig cap. 

All in all, I like making my own wigs. And I hate paying too much for everything on eBay. 


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