Friday, January 17, 2014

Thrift Store Finds - Doll Furniture

"I had $20 in my pocket...blah, blah, was so awesome!" 

I think that's how that song goes. Anyway, a new thrift store opened downtown so I had to drop in. I love this place. They have the BEST toy section I've ever seen in any of the thrift stores downtown. 

This is what I found:

A Barbie kitchenette. I have no idea when this came out or how much it originally cost. From the few photos I saw online, it came with a lot of accessories. It was a great find and only cost $1.69. You can't beat that. 

IKEA dollhouse furniture. 

This stuff is way overpriced on eBay. But then everything on eBay is overpriced. At the thrift store this whole set cost less than $20. 

Everything opens. I think the white one might be a refrigerator. 

The chairs are quite plain and ugly. Oh well, I'll find something to do with them. 

I didn't buy the couch because it was just as ugly as the chairs and cost $1.99. No way was I paying that much when I could make something much better and fancier. 

Bath tub, sink and toilet. The long red and white striped pillow goes with the couch I didn't buy. I don't know what the blue and white thing is. Maybe a sheet for the bed?

The kitchen set. The doors on the oven open. 

I'll probably repaint this stuff and put it in the dollhouse that I'm fixing up. 

Two doll stands. They cost $1.69. A victrola and a mini piano pencil sharpeners. Now my Lalaloopsies have a piano. The Liv dolls will probably get the Victrola. 

I love going thrifting because I never know what I'll find. 

I wouldn't have bought anything but the doll stands at retail price. It can cost $20 to furnish one dollhouse room. I think that's nuts! Teeny tiny miniature furniture for a lousy dollhouse shouldn't be expensive at all. Don't even get me started on how overpriced all dollhouses and dollhouse kits are especially those hideous plastic monsters that are sold at toy stores and all the crap that comes with them. 

Thank God for thrift stores. 


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