Friday, January 31, 2014

Found at the Thrift Store

What I found at the thrift store. 

I got 4 Liv dolls for $1.69 each. Here are 2 of them. Three of them had wigs. One was broken so I ripped her head off. 

I like to get cheap, spare Liv dolls to either use their bodies or heads on other dolls because Liv doll bodies are the best. And they're cheap. 

I really dig the blue, fringed outfit on the left. She didn't come with that outfit on. It was on some generic doll that I got rid of. But I had to have that getup. 

Two Littlest Pet Shop Blythes. Now I have 7. I wish I had all of them. They're so cute. 

Broken Barbie bike I'm going to fix and miscellaneous doll purses. I also got some Barbie shoes that don't fit any of my dolls. I don't own any Barbies. 

Disney Animators' Collection Rapunzel. She was naked, filthy and her hair was atrocious. I cleaned her up, untangled the mess of hair. Then I had to cut off about 4 inches. It was a frizzy mess. 

She's back to her original Disney cuteness, almost. I'll have to make her some clothes and get her some shoes. 

Can you believe Mattel made both of these dolls? The one on the left is the one I got from the thrift store. I think it's a My Scene doll. All I know is it's absolutely hideous. But it only cost $1.99 and my dolls needed another boyfriend. I got rid of the velvet jacket he was wearing. It was gross and tacky. 

The one on the right is Ever After High Hunter Huntsman. He's wearing Cody Simpson dolls pants and shoes. I made the sweater. 

Hunter is a vast improvement. 

Only the clothes, shoes, purse and jewelry came from the thrift store. 

$1.99 for the Barbie scooter and the Liv wig. 

Tea set for my dolls. 

Disney princess doll dress that looks great on my Liv doll. They needed at least one gown.

Barbie Volkswagen. I cleaned it up and painted it black. Now they're very happy they have a car to go shopping. 



  1. Wish I could find such treasures in a thrift store. In Denmark most thrif stores, only sell human clothes. I really like the clothes you found for your liv dolls. I would love to find some clothes for my liv dolls, maybe I just have to keep looking.

    1. Are there any places in Denmark that sell 2nd hand toys? I recently found 4 more Liv dolls. Two with wigs, two with clothes. I need more Jakes but can't find them anywhere. I buy lots of Barbie's just for their clothes from the thrift store. Much cheaper that way.