Thursday, February 6, 2014

La Dee Da's Dee as Bollywood Bright

She is from the Runway Vacay India series of La Dee Da dolls by Spinmaster, the same company that made Liv dolls. I wish they'd bring Liv dolls back. I like to use their articulated bodies with other dolls' heads.

I found this doll at a thrift store for a couple dollars. As far as I'm concerned that's all they're worth. Their heads are the poor man's Pullip and their body is the poor man's Blythe. If you can't afford a Pullip or Blythe (like me), these dolls will do. 

She didn't have shoes when I got her. I already had the shoes from fashion packs that were on sale for about $2.50 at Target a while ago.

They're highly stylized dolls. They are very cute but ridiculously overpriced. They don't come with stands or even cute little purses and only their knees bend. 

What I like about these dolls is that they're very colorful. I would've bought more of them if they were cheaper. They can wear most Monster High clothes and use their stands. 

Her hair is of excellent quality. Better than all of my other dolls. I love the color and the texture is so soft. I don't know much about doll hair but whatever this is its great. 

Here is Dee and Sloane. I think Sloane would've made a better Bollywood doll. She's wearing a dress I made for my Monster High dolls. 

She is just adorable and I'm glad I found her. 

I removed the painted on Bindi nonsense she had and replaced it with a proper Bindi. It would've been nice if she was wearing a sari. Still, I like her outfit. It's unique and different. 

Here's Dee and Sloane giving off fierce Bindi realness. 


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