Friday, February 14, 2014

Sewing Room

I made a doll sewing room out of cardboard because I'm learning how to sew and I want my dolls to sew, too.

I uses card stock and various odds and ends that I got from Micheal's, shelf liner and other things I got from the dollar store. The window is a printable from As you can see its winter all year round outside. I learned how to make the ottoman from a myfroggystuff tutorial on YouTube.

I used the ottoman because I was too lazy to make a chair. I hate making chairs, anyway.  

The sewing machine was made out of pieces of cardboard covered with white paper. 

I made almost everything in the room. 

Here are photos of some of my dolls sewing. 

Liv doll Hayden wearing a Moxie Teenz wig making a pair of leggings. 

Ever After High's Madeline Hatter holding some fabric. I have no idea what she's making. 

Honey Swamp likes to sew, too. 

Bratzillaz Sashabella with a Liv body and a Moxie Teenz wig ironing. 

I'm having a lot of fun with the sewing room and so are my dolls. 


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