Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Moxie Teenz Tristan

As I've said before, Moxie Teenz were the best and a much better buy than those pitiful Bratz knockoffs, Moxie Girls. Those things are cheap looking and hideous.

Moxie Teenz were made by MGA Entertainment, whom I'd guess are on the verge of bankruptcy or piss poor management after discontinuing MTZ. 

I wanted these dolls because I can't afford Tonner or Wilde Imagination dolls and these are the next best thing, IMHO. Much more affordable. 

I don't know anything about each individual doll except their names. I really don't care if one is supposed to be a fashion designer (aren't they all) or photographer or whatever. 

This is Tristan. She is 14 inches tall. 

Sorry the photos aren't very good. I was in a hurry and I broke my very expensive camera so now I have to use my iPhone. 

I got her from eBay, the only place I can find them. And there even becoming scarce there. I wanted Bijou but couldn't find a reasonably priced one in good condition. The price I ended up paying for this doll was completely outrageous. 

I really hate eBay. Everything's always too expensive but sometimes I have no choice. And I got burned by a buyer once. They kept the item, said they'd never received it so I had to refund their money. As far as I'm concerned everybody on eBay is shady. 

But I really wanted another MT and this doll is beautiful. The box she came in was pretty banged up. I forgot to take a photo of the box. 

MTZ don't come with stands. She can stand on her own for a little while but she'll eventually fall over. 

She photographs beautifully and her eyes are stunning. They're acrylic. Notice she has eyelashes, a very nice touch. 

MTZ outfits are very trendy. I wouldn't call them stylish because they look a bit gaudy to me. They only thing I like is the purse. Much better than ugly, stupid, virtually useless plastic purses most dolls come with that don't open and very realistic. 

Totally not crazy about this skirt. The tights are attached to the skirt. I don't like that either because they can't be worn with other outfits. 

Here's the outfit from the back. 

Closer look at the wig which was looking kind of rough but I still like it anyway. I love the wigs. I own almost all of them. Good quality and they were on clearance at ToysrUs. I was so glad I found them. I never came across any of their accessories or clothes. I got into these dolls after they'd already been discontinued.  

She's wearing a t-shirt, denim vest and a scarf. 

Nice long wig. I'll probably cut it a little bit. 

The boots aren't bad. The legwarmers are a bit blah. 

Earrings aren't anything to go into detail about. 

A ring that I'll most likely lose. Very nice, trendy bracelets. 

In these photos you can see the stains (dirt?) above her left eyebrow. Don't know what these are from. 

She can't touch her face with her hands but the articulation is very good. That's another reason I like these dolls. 

I used acetone fingernail polish remover to her rid of the stains on her face. Those stains were stubborn. I couldn't remove them completely. 

I also took off the dangling part of her earrings. They were kind of ugly. 

Arizona and Tristan. Gorgeous! Tristan is wearing a hand made sweater made out of a sock. I learned how to do it from watching a myfroggystuff YouTube tutorial. 

In this photo Tristan is wearing a hoody and a pair of jeans I made and a Liv doll wig. I'm trying to learn to sew. I watch YouTube and look at sewing tutorials on I hand sewed and stitched it with a machine. 

She looks beautiful with this wig. The wig also covers the stains. 

This doll is stunningly beautiful. All the Moxie Teenz are. Tristan's eyes are what really sets her apart from the other MTZ. Her eyes are lavender or light purple. 

MTZ are my second favorite dolls so I'm glad I got another one. Maybe someday I'll add Bijou to my collection.