Tuesday, March 25, 2014

One Direction Doll - Zayn Malik

This is Zayn. He's in the boy band One  Direction. They're from the UK. I think they're big in the States as well. Anyway, I really don't care. I just wanted the doll. 

The One Direction dolls were on sale at ToysRUs. I got this one because I need more boy dolls, have very limited money and I'm bad at sewing boy doll clothes. 

This doll is recommended for ages 5 and up. They're made by Hasbro. 

I really like the jacket he's wearing. I tried to make one like it but it came out horrible. 

I like the backdrop for the box. 

Here he is outside of his box. His head is awfully small for his body. It looks ridiculous. The clothes are well made, though. 

There really isn't a whole lot to say about this doll. It's light-weight and feels like hollowed out plastic. Maybe it's more of a collectors' item than a play doll. 

His arms and legs do not bend at all. They do move up and down and his head turns from side to side. His hair is molded plastic. 

Notice the GI Joe Kung-fu grip in his right hand to hold his microphone. 

This doesn't look anything like Zayn. Poor Zayn. 

Another view. 

Here's Zayn with Cody Simpson and Jake. Jake has the best articulation and KNEE CAPS. A very nice touch. 

But why is Jake so tan?

Cody Simpson got a new head or, shall we say, Zayn got a new body. He desperately needed some articulation. Now Zayn can get the microphone near his mouth when he's singing.

Here's Ever After High's Hunter looking pretty good in Zayn's clothes. The pants are a little big at the waist but otherwise they fit fine. I really dig that jacket. 

Here are all the boy dolls I own so far. Zayn is wearing a Cody Simpson outfit. 

Zayn is currently appearing at Robotica's Cafe. The other dolls love him. He'll be there all week.   


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