Monday, March 31, 2014

Doll Caravan

I've been working on this caravan for my dolls for about a year. I work on it a little at a time. Then put it away until I feel like working on it again. Hopefully, I'll have it done by this summer. I want it to look sort of like a gypsy caravan.

It's made out of cardboard and decorated with things I've found at the thrift, dollar store and Micheal's. Some of the decorations are handmade. It's still very much a work in progress. So far, my Ever After High dolls love it. 

I didn't put a complete cover on it to let in more light. I did add a few lights in the back because it was very dark. I'm running out of lights so I try to use them sparingly. 

Notice the photo of Hunter Huntsmen in the back on the right. 

This is the side. 

Here's Ashlynn Ella. She likes to hang out  in the caravan with the girls. 

Ella has dropped in on Maddy and Briar Beauty while they are having tea. 

The view through the window. 

Ella will be staying for awhile. 

I added a loft bed for Madeline. It has a rope ladder for now. 

In the back on the wall is a portrait of Ella, Hunter and Maddy. There's also a wood burning stove I learned to make from a My Froggy Stuff YouTube tutorial. The Victrola I found at a thrift store. The old-fashioned radio is a printout from a website with miniatures. I made the pillows and the bedding. 

I changed the curtains because I really didn't like the other ones. I made these from a skirt I got from the thrift store. It was way too big for me. 

This is Ella looking outside the back of the caravan. 

The window with the new curtains. 

The girls just hanging. 

I still have to add wheels and stairs. Don't know when I'm going to get around to doing that. 

Anyway, I'll keep taking pictures of all the changes. I'm sure there are going to be lots more to come. 

There usually isn't cooking stuff inside gypsy caravans so I might remove that stuff. The sink, maybe. Eh, maybe not. I know I want to make cabinets with doors that open. I don't know why I painted the shelf grey. Such an ugly color. Will have to change that.  

I've had a lot of fun, so far, making my gypsy caravan. I always wanted one. 


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