Wednesday, April 2, 2014

La Dee Da Fairy Tale Dance and City Girl

ToysRUs recently had one of those sales where they mark everything up and then put them on sale. Like they're fooling anybody. 

I still picked up two La Dee Da dolls; Fairy Tale Dance Sloane and City Girl Dee. They're made by Spinmaster, the same company that made Liv dolls. 

Here is Sloane in her box. She didn't come with a stand. Bummer. 

Sloane is supposed to be Little Red Riding Hood. I wouldn't have known that unless I read it on the box. She doesn't look like anything like Little Red Riding Hood to me. Where is her red hooded cape and basket? I guess she's supposed to be Little Red Riding Hood all dressed up to go to a Fairy Tale dance. Dumb. 

Here is the back of the box. 

She's out of her and dancing a jig. It was crazy trying to cut this doll out of the box. So much plastic and packaging that is impossible to recycle. A complete waste. 

Both of her arms are permanently bent. Her legs have bendable joints at the knees. 

The skirt really isn't much. Just two pieces of tulle with only the shortest piece of red fabric underneath that barely covers her naughty bits. 

Her boots are cute and fashionable but they keep twisting and turning on her feet. She has a removable plastic bow in her hair. 

Here's a closer look at her boots. The feet on these dolls is even smaller than Barbie's. 

Sloane is my favorite La Dee Da doll. I just love her name, too. 

Nice design on her eye. Although I don't care for it very much and I might remove it. 

This is what she came with. She also had a brush I didn't get a picture of. As you can see, she didn't come with much.

I couldn't get her small clutch bag to stay in her hand. 

It has a silver wolf on it. It doesn't open. 

Her hair is very good quality. 

Her fishnet leggings are very nice. 

Sloane is beautiful. She's is, simply, my favorite. I love her soft, red hair with the white streaks. A red cape would've been a nice touch. Maybe I'll make her one someday. Won't be any time soon. 

Here are my two Sloanes. The other one is Tropical Twist Sloane. Tropical Twist comes wearing a lot of blush. I put her in a Monster High dress and stand. I'm so glad these dolls can wear MH clothes.

Now here's City Girl Dee. 

Here she is out if her box. She's a big One Direction fan. 

Finally, a doll that came with a stand. She also has a book of designer activities and a portfolio with some other crap in it. 

The book has directions to make a clutch purse out of a NYC subway map. I might try this one day. Still, won't be any time soon, though. It had some other ideas in it, as well. 

Great quality hair. Easy to brush. Very smooth. The red rose is held in her hair with Velcro which snags and pulls the hair when I take it off. I'll just leave it on for now. 

Her earrings. The yellow one is a heart and scissors with a chain and a bow. The blue one is a sewing machine because Dee wants to be a fashion designer. How original!

The design is only on one eye. 

The skirt can be gathered at the bottom by pulling the red string. Her shrug can be removed. 

She has red streaks in her hair. 

She's wearing a plastic pincushion on her  left wrist. Her leggings can be pushed down to give her another look. 

I like the City Girl Dolls better than the Fairy Tale Dance ones because they come with fun accessories and a stand. Who needs another stupid brush?

Here are my two Dees. The other one is Dee as Bollywood Bright. I found her at a thrift store for $1.99. I just added the Bhindis. 

These are all of my La Dee Da's. I won't be getting anymore unless I find them at the thrift store. I read somewhere that Spinmaster is pulling them from the shelves. I guess they'll replace them with the next fad in fashion dolls. 

If I had any artistic skills at all, I'd repaint these dolls. I've seen some beautiful work in the internet. Le Sigh. 

I had fun collecting them. 


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