Saturday, April 26, 2014

Madame Alexander 18 Inch Doll -Edit

Thanks to and, I found out she is Jill from the Walmart line of "My Life As An Outdoorsy Girl' line of dolls that sold for around $27.97. 

I got this doll at my local thrift store for $5.99. She didn't have any clothes on. Her legs are jacked up and don't bend very well. Maybe someday I'll take her to a doll hospital. Or maybe I'll sell her on eBay.

I don't know which doll this is. I also don't know if she's one of the $59.99 dolls or the much cheaper Walmart dolls. 

Here she is with Our Generation Sadie made by Battat. You can see her cockeyed legs in this photo. Her chest is vinyl while the rest of her torso is cloth. She also doesn't have shoulders like a football player like Our Generation and American Girl dolls. 

I like the body and face on the Madame Alexander doll much better. 

They're both 18 inches. Their eyes close when you lay them down. 

Her hair was in pretty good condition. It's very soft but not as thick as Sadie's. 

These are a pair of American Girl doll boots I got from the thrift store. It says "Sophia's Heritage Collection" inside one of them. They look brand new. They were spotless. Not one mark on them. 

Here they are wearing American Girl dresses that also came from the thrift store. I think they look very pretty. 

I'll never pay full price for anything that AG makes. EVER. 

I like the Madame Alexander doll much better. I won't be purchasing another OG doll unless, of course, I find another one at the thrift store. 

OG has the best prices for clothes and accessories for 18 inch dolls so I will buy those. But their dolls are strange looking. Perhaps Sadie would look better is her eyes and lips were changed to a better color and her eyes had a bit more definition. 

Maybe one day I'll get around to doing that to see if it makes a difference. Right now, I just can't be bothered. 

For now, the girls can keep each other company. At least I have someone to wear the beautiful new dresses I got and boots I got. 


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  1. I have 2 of the MA 18" dolls and they're much prettier than American Girl dolls
    In fact I think AG dolls are ugly .