Sunday, July 20, 2014

Tonner City Girls Billy

This is Tonner Toys Beginner Collector line of dolls called City Girls. There are four of them. I got this one at ToyRUs for $15, originally $50. I'm so happy I found this doll for $15 and didn't pay $50. Because it turns out I didn't have to.

Her name is Billy and she's 15 1/2 inches tall. This is the tallest fashion doll that I own. She comes in a tube, which is a nice touch. 

She has rooted hair and painted on eyes. She's 24 years old and owns a bakery. I don't know any 24 year olds who own their own businesses. Maybe Billy's a trust fund kid from one of the old monied New York families on Park Ave. 

I hate these things. They're sown into the hair and are a complete pain to get off. I've accidentally cut hair off when trying to remove these things. 

Her hair is very good quality. I don't have any complaints. 

She comes wearing a Tonner Toys tag on her wrist. She's wearing a pair of tights under a long mustard colored shirt. (Not my favorite color.) Those tights will come in handy with other clothes. I'm very happy that she came with a jacket because now I don't have to make one for her. (I'm not very good at it. Sewing is a painful process for me.)

Her handbag is nice. It's big and opens up. It isn't nearly as nice as the bags that came with Moxie Teens.

Her boots are very stylish and match the outfit well. They are hard to get off over the tights. 

Her outfit is casual and simple. What really makes it come together are the accessories. 

She has the same exact body type and articulation as the Moxie Teenz. 

Her legs are very long. They're also made out of a rubbery material making it impossible to stand on her own. Her legs do not stay straight. They even buckle when she's in a doll stand. Bummer. It would've been nice if she could stand on her own. 

Her feet are stained from the tights. That doesn't bother me at all, though. 

I also picked up this Little Miss Matched Fashion Pack because it was 70% off. 

Here's Billy in the reversible dress. It's a little tight but does look good on her. 

Here she is in the other outfit from the pack. Very good fit. I was happy to learn that she can share clothes with Moxie Teenz. 

Here's Billy with Taeyang Willy Wonka (wearing Ken clothes), a Liv doll and Moxie Teenz Arizona. As you can see, she towers above them all. I am not looking forward to making clothes for her.

She's sitting on a Barbie couch I found at a thrift store and painted. She's much too big for any of my doll furniture and rooms. I won't be making any to accommodate her size, either. That's just more work for me. 

She was a great find for only $15. She's a great play fashion doll. I would've been very disappointed with her if I'd paid $50. She does have a few issues but I can overlook them all for $15. I wish Toysrus had the other City Girls.

Unless I find City Girl Fashions on sale, I won't be buying them. I saw them at FAO Schwartz for $20 each. If I only paid $15 for the doll, I'm definitely not going to pay more for the clothes. 

Apparently, the summer is when toys can be found for deep discounts here in the states. Maybe I should drop buy FAO Schwartz and see if they have anything on sale. I don't even know if they have sales. I'll have to check it out. 

Billy's a nice addition to my collection. 



  1. Whoa, I didn't know TRU was carrying these and at such a great price. I've been just gobbling up the clearance items and I guess this is what they are making room for.

    1. Can't wait to see what you got. The toysrus near me is almost out of the cheapest clearance items. I'm hoping they will bring the prices down on other things.