Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Ever After High Apple White Fainting Couch

I picked this up from Target only because it had been marked down twice so the price was finally decent. I went to Target to get Dexter Charming but he was nowhere to be found. I'll probably have to order him online. By the time he hits the stores here, the lousy, no-good scalpers will probably snatch all of them up and sell them on EBay for twice the cost. 

This is exactly what happened with Cedar Wood. I've only seen one for sale at ToysRUs. I never saw one again. 

Anyway, this is Getting Fairest Apple White's Fainting Couch. This is a cheap, plastic toy. But the colors are nice and it has a lot of detail.  

The sheer, red curtain is taped to the back. 

These are just some of the things it comes with; a piece of fabric (to use as a blanket, I suppose), gold laptop that snaps shut, a plastic pillow with Apple's initials on it (the thing is as hard as a rock), a drawer on the bottom that opens and can be used for storage (this makes it more useful for me) and in the left corner it has a charger for her black, mirror phone. I don't like the phone at all.  

This drawer here will keep me from losing the accessories.

Here's Madeline Hatter trying out the couch and modeling the glasses without lenses, gold crown and gold, plastic necklace that also came with the couch. She looks very smart (or very blind)(that's supposed to be a joke. I wear glasses, too.) She looks quite comfortable.  

In the cushion is a small drawer. The apple on the front opens and closes it. It's a great place to store the glasses. 

Poor Alexis has actually fainted on the Fainting Couch. Good thing she was easily revived. 

Alexis is wearing my favorite Barbie dress. I bought some generic Barbie from the thrift store just for this dress then I took the naked doll back to the store. It's gorgeous. 

This couch was a great deal. It came with many accessories I can absolutely use for all of my dolls. That pillow will be going into the garbage. The glasses fit almost all of my 12 inch dolls, my Moxie Teenz and my Tonner City Girls doll and Bratz. 

The couch makes a great prop for photos, too. 


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