Sunday, July 27, 2014

Monster High's Robecca Steam

She is one of my favorite Monster High dolls. I like anything Steampunk, really. I don't care for the Dance Class Robecca at all. 

I made a longer skirt so she could sit with some modesty. Her original skirt was much too short. I cut her boots so that more of her skin would show. (I'm kind of regretting that. I wish I'd left them alone.)

She is beautiful. She's not a strange looking monster (not that there's anything wrong with that). Her skin is radiant. (Now I sound like an Oil of Olay commercial). Her face up is awesome. So much better looking than a Barbie doll. Her features are well balanced and very attractive. Her makeup isn't garish. It's very tasteful. 

She has wonderful bronze skin that's covered with rivets because she a mechanical robot.  

There are cogs on her shins. 

Robecca is a robot created by a mad scientist. Her internal clock is always off so she's always late for classes and such.

Her hair is very soft and nice and shiny unlike a lot of my other MH dolls. The blue adds a very nice touch. 

She is 116 years old according to her bio. Her boots are rocket boots. Apparently, she can fly, or something, with these boots. She did come with a black stand. 

I've lost her journal. From what I can remember the story in it was very good. 

This is her blouse and bolero jacket. 

These are the rest of her accessories. 

The blue thing she wears on her wrist has a digital clock on it. I think it helps her regulate time. Her goggles have an antennae on them. Her earrings are cogs and gears. I cut them because I thought they were too long. I don't like long earrings on my dolls or myself. 

I'm not sure what this is. It looks like a bird cage that she wears around her waist. She can't sit down with it on. 

Her bag does open and close. It's also a clock. 

This is her mechanical penguin, Captain Penny. He's so cute. I like the way he's waving. 

He has a jet pack on his back. His skin is also bronzed and covered with rivets. 

This is my homage to one of the best Monster High dolls in my modest collection. 



  1. She is verry pretty, I like that you gave her a longer skirt.

    1. Thank you. I wish I'd made her skirt a little shorter, though.