Monday, July 27, 2015

My Room Dioramas

I made several room dioramas in 1/6 scale for my fashion dolls. It's still a work in progress. I've been working on it for more than six months now. 

I try to make as much as I can from stratch because miniature doll stuff is expensive. There are still a few more rooms I want to add; laundry room, child's room and back porch. 

Here's are some photos: 

The living room is nowhere near done. I want to change the curtains eventually. 

This is a Barbie kitchen thing I got from a thrift store. I was inspired by a photo on the internet to turn into this:

Food products and leeks made from paper. Again inspired by a photo I saw on the internet. 

Cups and glasses I made for the kitchen.

This is the new fridge. It's still isn't finished. I followed a Korean tutorial on YouTube. It's a lot of work for me because I'm still learning how to do this stuff. The original fridge was kind of pitiful. 

Here's Tinkerbell posing with the new fridge. She likes to pose with appliances. :-)

The only bedroom so far. I'll add more at some point. I made the bed way too big for the room but that's ok. 

Younger sister is visiting and being a huge pest early in the morning. She woke them up because she's bored and wants someone to talk to. Dexter does not want to get up. 

This is the original sewing room. I turned it into a sewing room/office. 

What an improvement. 

I was going to change the sliding doors but now I'll just leave them. 

The whole thing is still under construction. I've had a lot of fun with this project. I didn't have this much fun when I was a kid. 



  1. please, how did you transform the kitchen sink and shelves unit? how please, did you make the cups and dishes? thank you for your time, vicki

    1. Hi Vicki. The cups and glasses, pots and pans were made by using. I learned by watching tutorials on YouTube. My favorite is myfroggystuff. They have tutorials on how to make almost anything for dolls. The cups are made from pieces of ballpoint pens. I take the whole pen apart to see what I can use. Mechanical pencils are good, too. i buy them from the dollar store.

      Most of the dishes were purchased at dollar stores or thrift stores. The Hello Kitty stuff was bought at ToysRUs on sale.

      I took a very small craft saw and sawed off the top of the kitchen unit. I painted it white. Made the shelves out of foam board. Stipple the counter with a paintbrush with black and gray paint to resemble marbling. I carefully poked out the red plastic on the oven door and glued a piece of plastic from doll packaging to the inside of the oven door.

      I glued a piece of foil like contact paper on it. Glued it all together with a glue gun and glue sticks purchased from the dollar store.

      The miniature tutorials on YouTube have been an invaluable source to me. Sometimes, I see a photo on the internet and get inspired. There are thousands of tutorials on the Internet. Pinterest is a good place to find them, too. Hope this helps.

  2. Wow! If it weren't for the dolls, it would look like a real house. There are so many details. I love the potted plants (especially the bonsai), the glasses, the magazines, the globe, the stand with scissors and the blue frame.

    1. Thanks, BlackKitty.

      I'm going to try your tape suggestion for my doll shelves.

  3. Fantastic! Everything looks amazing and your attention to detail is really impressive.