Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Mother Gothel from Tangled

Mother Gothel is an evil something or other in the Disney movie Tangled. I'm not sure what she's supposed to be in the movie. It's a modern update of the Rapunzel fairy tale. 

I've had this doll for awhile. I bought it  from a small toy store that was going out of business. This was the only doll they had that I really liked. I didn't want Rapunzel with long blonde hair or short brunette hair.

I have the Disney Animator's Collection Rapunzel from the Disney store. I think she's so much more interesting than the 12" doll. 

Some of these photos didn't turn out that good. Have no idea why. Maybe bad lighting. 

Her dress is nice. I like her cape a lot. I had to have this doll because she has the most amazing head of hair in the entire doll kingdom. 

Her face is stunning. Her eyes are very expressive. Her dramatic eye make up really makes her eyes stand out. 

She reminds me of Cher. 

As you can see, everything is stitched up nicely. 

She doesn't look evil at all, does she?

Her legs are just ridiculous. They're rubbery. Her feet sort of flop around.  When any of these Disney 12" dolls have their legs bent their legs spread out wide and it is a ghastly sight, indeed. There is no reason for this. It doesn't make any sense. None of my other dolls have this problem. 

I didn't take a picture of the manspreading because I couldn't wait to do this:

So. Much. Better. Now she has a Liv doll body. All of her problems have been solved. Ah...perfection. No more rubber chicken legs and wobbly feet. 

Her curly bangs have been pinned to the side. 

She looks radiant and beautiful as she waits for her beloved. 

With all that hair her head isn't heavy at all. Some of my dolls have so much hair, making they're heads so heavy they constantly fall over and lean back while on a doll stand. Mother Gothel doesn't have that problem. 

Does she hear someone approaching? 

Her he comes now. She's so happy to see him. (Yeah, I know I'm getting corny.) 

It's Hunter Huntsman. Don't worry. He graduated from high school. He's now of age.  

Don't they make a nice couple, though? Who knew MG was a MILF. No wonder she goes around kidnapping children with magical hair so she can stay young forever. No gray pubes for MG! 

(I know I'm totally out of control with the filters. Sometimes, I can't help myself.)

Too sappy? I'll lighten it up. 

More of a modern look yet still sophisticated. 

Hunter adores her. How sweet. 

Except when she dresses like this. Now she really looks like Cher. 

B**** better have my money. Where my money?!

Friends again. 

With the new body and her bangs out of her face she is my favorite doll now. If only more play dolls had an expressive, sculptured face like MG. 

I'll be taking many more photos of her. For now, I'll let her enjoy her boy toy. 



  1. I watched the movie. I'm still confused about why everyone thought she was evil apriori. She had some nasty moments in the end, but she was a good stepmother to Rapunzel, loved her and took care of her. The doll looks very nice after your makeover.

    1. Well, I understood that she was bad cause she kidnapped Rapunzel and basically kept her prisoner for her own selfish reasons. But I didn't understand if she was supposed to be a witch or what, like most of these types of characters in Disney movies. Maybe she was just a bad citizen. An evil recluse? i need to watch it again. It's been a long time since I've seen it.