Saturday, July 25, 2015

Journey Girls Dana

Journey Girls are a line of 18" dolls made and sold exclusively by ToysRUs. 

I bought Dana from a thrift store for $12.99. These dolls are usually priced at $29.99. 

According to Wikipedia, "Dana is the only doll with short hair and glasses; she loves animals and is always trying to help at her local shelter."

And: "The top portion of their bodies are made of vinyl and the lower half is made of cloth."

Her box was beat half to death but it had never been opened. 

The doll was in good shape, just a little rumpled. 

A sweet, cute face and pretty eyes. Her eyes don't close. She has one braid going across the top of her head. 

Her jeans are well made. I get tired of dolls in dresses. 

A closer look at her shoes. 

This is Dana with an Our Generation doll sold at Target. Dana is thinner than American Girl and Our Generation dolls. They can't share clothes or shoes. 

Dana is adorable wearing her glasses.

Dana and Yuko, a BFC, Ink doll. Yuko is slimmer than Dana so they can't share clothes, either. 

Unless I find a deal I can't refuse I won't be buying any more clothes for Dana. I just have too many different dolls in different sizes. I can't buy clothes for all of them. I don't know if I'll ever have the time to make clothes for her, either. 

She's a very good alternative to American Girl dolls. I feel that AG dolls are for the monied set. There are plenty of excellent and less expensive alternatives. But I know that even little kids can be materialistic. 

I wasn't dying to have a Journey Girl. I wouldn't have paid the regular price for one. I never see them on sale at TRU. 

I'm glad I have Dana. She's cute and she was the right price. Actually, I have so many dolls I might give her away as a present to a little girl who needs a doll. 


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