Saturday, July 25, 2015

Bratzillaz Princesses Siernna Calmer

Siernna is supposed to be some kind of witch. I got her from ToysRUs much cheaper than the price printed on the box. 

Bratzillaz are my favorite Bratz dolls. The articulated limbs make them fun to pose and their acrylic eyes are beautiful. I like them much better than painted on eyes. 

She's supposed to have a glow in the dark bird but it was missing from the box. The birdcage was also kind of squished. The cage got tossed in the garbage. The doll totally looks stupid with a dumb bird in a cage on her head. Who wears birdcages on their heads, anyway? She came with a brush but no stand. 

Her power is keeping people calm and cool. Ok. 

The box art makes her look like a Monster High doll. 

Here she is with her besties. 

That hair is a hot, hot, unholy mess. That dress...sigh. I do love those fingerless gloves. The thigh high stockings will look better on a bigger doll. They wouldn't stay up on her. 

That dress is screaming something at me. I just don't know what it's trying to say. Hooker/stripper/raggedy witch? Oh, who knows. 

She has a lot of hair on her head. They did not skimp there. 

Not crazy about those eyebrows. 

I had fun taking photos of her with her wild hair and ugly eyebrows. 

When in doubt wear it wild. 

I boiled her hair 3 times. It did nothing.  I don't know what this stuff is made out of. 
I finally wet her hair, put a lot of gel in it and restyled it. 

Siernna looks so pretty and softer with normal clothes and tame hair. I removed those eyebrows and the design under one of her eyes with a q-tip and fingernail polish remover. There was too much going on on her face. She looks happier. 

These 3 dolls have the best quality hair of all my Bratz dolls. Bratzillaz Meygana and Siernna with Bratz Boutique Sasha. 

Siernna Calmer went from this...

To this. What an improvement. 



  1. I never paid attention to Bratz or Bratzillaz because I don't like the noseless sculpt, but this line is very pretty! They have gorgeous eyes, especially the pink one. I'll keep an eye out, thanks!

    1. Bratz are strange looking dolls. Before they disappeared from stores here they were marked down to $2-$10. The pink one is actually a very pale, porcelain white. I don't know why she's pink in the photo.