Saturday, July 25, 2015

Dolls at the Pool, Dolls at the Beach

My dolls are having a great summer. They're having much more fun than I am. 

Here they are having enjoying the pool and patio I made using a tutorial from 

I didn't have a decent background to use so I just threw something together. I don't have any drawing skills at all. This was the best I could do. 

There are Barbies, a Liv, Ever After High, My Scene (rebodied), a Moxie Teenz and a One Direction Zayn Malik doll (rebodied). I like to pretend there's water in the pool. 

The beach:


Hunter Huntsman talking to the girls. 

I have no idea what's happening here. I was taking the picture with my iPhone when I dropped it in the water. It was so embarrassing. A neighbor of mine saw me, felt sorry for me and helped me set up this shot. I think my neighbor had fun. She secretly wanted to play with dolls at the beach. I could tell. ;-)

Luckily, my phone still worked while it was wet. I got a new phone sometime later but that phone still worked. Yay for iPhones!

Working on their tans. 

This thing was supposed to be a tent for camping but it came out looking ridiculous so it got dragged to the beach. 

I hope you enjoyed my photos. It's so much fun to take my dolls to the beach even though I'm still washing sand off of everything. 

Until next time,



  1. The pool looks great. I really like the pictures of the liv dolls at the beach, im kinda jealous ;)

    1. Thanks. Can you go to the beach? I live near the each but we don't have any decent parks around here to take nice nature picks in. I'm jealous of the pool. Wish I had one.

    2. Yes Denmark is surounded by ocean, it only take me half an hour to get to the beach. But I must admit that im too shy to bring my dolls, and take pictures of them there. I agree it would be awsome to have a pool.