Saturday, December 7, 2013

Monster High Toralei Cat Tastrophe Review

The Crafty Kitty of Chaos. She is a crime fighting cat who's giving off some fierce Julie Newmar/Lee Meriweather Catwoman from the Batman series realness. 

This is the back of her box in case you haven't seen it yet. It says a bunch of stuff I couldn't be bothered to read. 

Her she is out of her box.

She is my absolute favorite Monster High doll. I found her at Target for $10. I'm sure everybody has her by now because that was an excellent deal. I know I couldn't pass it up. 

This doll is all over eBay now for a lot more money. 

She comes with the usual stand and brush and an excellent mini comic book that is absolutely excellent. It was the only comic book I've ever enjoyed. It would be great if Mattel could expand Toralei's story into a regular, stand alone comic book or graphic novel that is sold separately from the dolls. I would totally buy that. 


She has a mouse on her bracelet and painted on fingerless gloves. She also has a belt with some stuff hanging on it. Forgot to take a photo of it. 

Her are both of her arms so you can see her bracelets. 

I will never be brushing this part of her hair because it's adorable and I never want to mess it up. 

Her awesome boots. 

And just because it's so much fun to pose her here are more photos. Her stand makes her a lot of fun to pose. 

Here are some of her stunt moves. 

Here's my Monster High collection so far. 


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