Sunday, December 22, 2013

Monster High Picture Day Spectra Vondergeist

I just recent acquired this doll. I found it at an off brand store for a very good price.

To me, she looks like she has a fierce attitude and is no one to be messed with. She doesn't look like a teenager in high school at all. 

I had to have this doll because her outfit is fabulous. She's wearing a skirt and a fab pair of pants and a beautiful blouse. 

Her very beautiful hair. It's various shades of purple and lavender. Excellent quality. 

This is all the crap she comes with as well as a stand. She also has a small booklet. I've probably lost it by now. 

Her eyes are wonky but I don't mind that much. If I was any kind of artistic, I'd fix it. Purple is one of my favorite colors so I love the color of her lips, hair and outfit. She's wearing a plastic necklace that supposed to be black chains. Dig it. 

One earring is a key. 

The other one is a heart shaped lock. 

Her see through hands and feet are a nice touch. She also has a black chain bracelet. 

I like her because she's so different and unusual. Actually, that's what I like about all of the Monster High dolls. I also like the attention to detail. 


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