Saturday, December 21, 2013

My Recent Trip to FAO Schwartz

I've lived in this city for a long time but I have never set foot in FAO Schwartz toy store until recently. It's at 59th Street and 5th Ave in New York City right behind the Apple store. 

The store was packed because of the holidays. I guess they're big draw is the custom teddy bears because I didn't see anything unique about this store. 

I didn't take any photos downstairs, just upstairs because that's where the dolls and dollhouses were. 

I didn't buy anything because this place was outrageously expensive. They did carry some of the usual Monster High, Calico Critters and various puzzles and action figures. The place was absolutely packed with what I can only imagine we're tourists who enjoy throwing their money away on overpriced toys they can find cheaper elsewhere. 

There's a huge selection of Tonner dolls upstairs. Here's the Tonner James Dean doll. It doesn't look anything like James Dean. 

Another Tonner. Forgot who this is but I don't like the doll anyway. 

These are the Edward and Bella dolls from the movie Twilight. Completely ridiculous. That doll looks nothing like Edward but the Bella doll does favor Kristin Stewart. 

Tonner City Girls dolls. I think the ones with the robes were $50 and dressed they were $60. They all had the same exact face and the black doll is wearing way too much blush.

I do love the articulation on Tonner dolls. 

These are the outfits available for the dolls. Each outfit was $19.99. 

Tonner Rapunzel doll. 

Madame Alexander. 

Madame Alexander Doll Factory dolls. 

Madame Alexander Disney Princess Dolls.

Here's one up close.

Wizard of Oz Baby Dolls. 

Special 30th anniversary Cabbage Patch Kids doll. 

Some flying fairies. 

Barbie collector dolls. 

Vampire Barbie.

They also have a dollhouse and miniatures section. 

This dollhouse is $299.99. 

This one is $495 for the kit. $650 already assembled.

That'll be the day I pay $6 for an empty, miniature paper bag. 

The few antique dolls that they have for sale. 

Two rolls of miniature toilet paper costs $10. That is outrageous! Regular people sized toilet paper doesn't cost that much.  Something like this shouldn't cost more than $1, especially because it's made in China for as cheaply as possible. 

This is the reason I don't buy miniatures. I'd rather watch My Froggy Stuff on YouTube and learn how to make the stuff myself out of recycled materials. Sometimes I find things I can use in dollar stores. But I will never pay these ridiculous prices.

At least now I can say I've been to FAO Schwartz. 



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  2. Hey there Robotica! I didn't think that the Tonner James Dean doll looked anything like him, BUT, I did manage to make that doll look an awful lot like Jamie Fraser from the STARZ show "Outlander" and also made him look like Jon Snow from the HBO "Game of Thrones"!!
    I thought you might enjoy seeing them: