Monday, November 18, 2013

Monster High Rochelle Goyle

I just got Ghoul's Night Out Rochelle Goyle, daughter of the Gargoyle. Which gargoyle? Does this gargoyle have a name? Is the gargoyle her mother or her father? No idea.

Anyway, as you can see she's pretty and cute. As with most Monster High dolls, her dress is entirely too short. I don't think its appropriate for dolls that are sold to little kids. When she sits you can see her crotch. It wouldn't be so bad if she came with a pair of black panties. 

Here are her accessories. A cosmetics compact, a smart phone(?), perfume bottle, purse and hair brush. She also came with a stupid Ghoul's Night Out pamphlet. 

She has cute ears and barrettes. 

Her hair is pink with blue stripes. It's past her knees and pretty good quality but it has constant static cling. 

Her shoes and her granite skin. The quality of her skin is what I like about her the most. 

Her very expressive hands. I like her hands. They don't look like claws. 

Her head tilts from side to side but not up and down. When she looks straight ahead her head is always tilted upwards so she's always looking up at the ceiling. This drives me crazy. 

Here are more photos so you can see more details of her face and clothes. 


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  1. You should rinse the hair with diluted fabric conditioner to get rid of the static.