Sunday, May 22, 2016

Monster High Getting Ghostly Twyla Review

For the past six months or so I've been crazy busy or crazy exhausted so I haven't updated the blog. And I'm sorry but the next few posts will be brief. That can be a good thing.

Here's Twyla. 

Her bio is on the back of her box. Twyla is supposed to be a ghost so I guess that means she's dead. Her eyes glow in the dark but you can barely see it and it isn't even worth it. 

Her belt is supposed to be her haunting chains. It's made out of plastic, of course. She had a bracelet and a nice headband. I don't know what her bracelet is supposed to be but it's nice.

This is her unique stand. It's supposed to be chains. I  like it because it's different from the usual doll stands. 

Her hair out of the box is a mess but it's very soft.

No earrings. Ugh.

For the price, I had to have her. I really like Monster High dolls because of the creativity and uniqueness. 

Here's Twyla goofing around with Toralei. They're trying to scare each other.

Ever After High's Madeleine Hatter is also   about 9 1/2 in or 24.13cm.

Twyla is fun and kinda sweet. I'll have a lot of fun putting her in my photos.


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